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This chapter is in no way anti-Christian but rather anti-conversion. It provides information about the insidious campaign that is taking place to reduce and wipeout Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and other Vedic traditions that are followed by large sections of humanity in India and around the world. 

Conversion: Sin or Sincerity?  

Bharat Gupt (1946 - ) Associate Professor of English, College of Vocational Studies, University of Delhi has observed:

"A planned and well executed anti-intellectualism disguised as ‘anti-Brahmanism’ has been practiced for a very long time, from the medieval court/administration patronized intellectuals like Ziauddin Barni of the 14th century to the British administrator T. B. Macaulay, and in recent times from the Nehruvian ‘secularists’ to the present Euro-American academics like Wendy Doniger and the liberal left groups like the subalternists who concentrate on a caste, curry and sexuality-ridden stereotype of Hinduism. This has engendered a pathetic ignorance of our own texts, particularly in their original languages, that oscillates from guilt to bravado in our educated elite."

Refer to Sex, Priests, and Secret Codes: The Catholic Church’s 2000-year Paper Trail of Sexual Abuse - By Thomas Doyle, AW Richard Sipe & Patrick Wall (LA: Volt Press, 2006).

Refer to Searching for “God” in the Catholic Church   - By Krishen Kak and Watch NDTV & CNNIBN Defending Antinationals & Terrorists. Also refer to Church in Kerala is rocked by sex scandals – By George Iype in Kochi and Clergy abuse  Refer to Loot: in search of the East India Company - By Nick Robins and How India became poor -  

Refer to A Perception of Christian Missionary Activities – By Suresh DesaiRefer to Trans World Radio-India compelling its employees to convertRefer to Christian Saints for Sale - By C I Isaac -


The Papal call for the Asian Harvesting of Souls is no exercise to swell the coffers of the Church losing ground in the opulent West as many would like us to believe. It is based more on the notion that Christianity alone is the true religion while other religions are condemned to error. Even in a multicultural world, the Christian leadership does not wish to pluralize its dogma and offer it as, one more instead of, the only way to God! For the Pope, all religions may be equal but Christianity is more equal than others!  

Apologies for Evangelism  

Many clichés about conversion are kept alive by vested interests that prevent an evaluation of the evangelical agenda. The foremost being that conversion controversy is not a religious issue but a vote-catching device. It is projected as a Hindu Conservative Right versus Progressive Left confrontation. But time has shown that proselytization is not a battle for votes, but a battle for souls with a long history of cultural beliefs and behavior patterns that goes far beyond the smaller fortunes of the Nehru or the Sangh Parivar.  

Another cliché is that conversions have always been a result of the low caste Hindus turning to other faiths to escape the oppression by higher varnas. Christian and Muslim evangelists are never tired of projecting their faiths as truly egalitarian and democratic based upon the ability to provide equal opportunities to all their adherents irrespective of their birth or social class or caste.  

As a matter of fact, caste has little to do with conversion. No Muslim or Christian convert of low caste forgoes his caste and gains a status of even workable equality with upper caste Christians or Muslims. If it was so, Churches of all denominations would not be demanding reservation for Christians on caste basis. The motive to become Muslim or Christian was seldom freedom from caste hierarchy. For vast populations it was always either force or allurement.  When Christianity arrived in India in the first century, the caste-system had become quite rigid.  

Refer to Amen - an autobiography of a nun and Mote and the beam - By Sandhya Jain and Refer to Ireland archbishop admits child abuse report 'will shock us all' and Dublin archbishop: Sex abuse report will shock (1,000's of children sexualy abused)

If Christianity was such a relief for the underdogs why did it not grow in leaps and bounds from its very arrival?

In early centuries, let alone in India , in the Mediterranean as well, Christians were not focusing upon the destitute entirely to multiply their fold. They influenced the highly placed sections of the Roman and Greek bureaucracy and their great expansion came only after the baptism of Constantine, the Roman Emperor.  

In India , Christianity remained in isolation till the Protestant British gave it an impetus, keeping at bay even the older Orthodox Christians. Similarly, Islamic rulers did not target the lower-caste Hindus who were incapable of effectively supporting the Turkish, Afghan and later Mughal elite. They left these poor neoconverts to the Sufis whom they seldom patronized and often persecuted as potential spokesmen of the poor. An unabashed instigator of proselytization, the historian Ziauddin Barni (1285 - 1357) advised the Sultanate to target the Brahmin intelligentsia and the big Hindu landowners and merchants to be cowed into submission and conversion.  

The ruling Muslims in India never objected to the varna-jaati hierarchy as they themselves believed in social status by birth, distinction between lord and slave, ashraf, arjal and ajlaf. The elite class belonged to the royalty and military eminence were ashraf that included Qureshi, Jafri, Hussaini, Alvi, Osmani, Farooqi, Siddiqui, Moghuls, Naqvi, Zaidi, Kazmi, Rizvi, Hashmi, Abbasi, Arabs, Pathans, Sherwani, Shairazi, Isphani, Timizi, Bukhari, Qazi, Mullick, and Mirzas etc. They were originally foreigners and some of them even boasted of ‘blue blood’ as they were able to import Central Asia women. During the days of the Islamic rule in India , they were the high and mighty and even when they married the Hindu princely women whom they converted to their religion and manners, they were known as torch bearers of the clans they originally belonged to before settling in India . The converts to Islam from the Indian artisan, trading and agricultural classes were called ajlaf and were the new middle class of Islamic population in India, who were semi respectable like the Ansari, Mansoori, Mirasi, etc. The lowest category that converted from the Hindu shudra classes were called arjal and did not take any Arabic caste names and continued to be known by their professional  such as dhobi, halal khor, dhuniya, dom etc. To this day the matrimonial columns of the Muslim community reflect this divide.  

Refer to It's time the government shut the foreign-funds tap for NGOs - By Prof R Vaidyanathan.

Conversion for Colonization  

It is not totally true that the primary motive of Christian missionaries of any denomination is to improve the standards of life for the poor, the marginalized and the aborigines. If this was so, vast populations of the South American and the African continents would not be living even after conversion in poverty and exploitation by the rich Christian West.

(source: India: A Cultural Decline or Revival? - By Bharat Gupta p. 32 - 37). Refer to Searching for “God” in the Catholic Church   - By Krishen Kak - Refer to Amen - an autobiography of a nun.  Refer to Trans World Radio-India compelling its employees to convert. Refer to Survivors Network of those Abused by Christian Priests. Refer to Catholic Church sells Tickets to Heaven and Ex-nun's confessions set to rock Kerala Church

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Buddhist, Hindu clergy convene in Cambodia
Buddhism and Hinduism must collaborate and stand against Western Christianity

In a pledge at the three-day conference, titled "Giving Global Voice to Eastern Wisdom", nearly 100 Hindu and Buddhist leaders from India, Sri Lanka, Japan and Cambodia vowed to cooperate to promote international peace in a world of "greed and self-ignorance" and where Eastern ideals were seen to be "marginalised" by the West.

The first day's speakers also addressed more specific problems they said were plaguing their religions, including "aggressive" conversion practices by evangelical Christian groups and the marginalisation of women in the way the faiths are practiced.  

Omalpe Sobhita Thero, a Buddhist monk from Sri Lanka , lashed out at Christian missionaries who, he said, "come in and take our land and ruin our traditions and religions".  

"Together, Buddhism and Hinduism must collaborate and stand against Western Christianity," he added.

While Cambodia is 95 percent Buddhist, organisers said Cambodia was the chosen location for its historical mix of Buddhism and Hinduism, which was the dominant religion in the Khmer empire until the 13th century. "Buddhism is the national religion of Cambodia , but Hinduism is the traditional culture of Cambodian," said Bour Kry, the Supreme Patriarch of the Dharma Yuttikanikaya Order, one of the  two biggest sects in Cambodia .


Buddhism and Hinduism must collaborate and stand against Western Christianity.

Conference addressed more specific problems "aggressive" conversion practices by evangelical Christian groups.

Refer to Stop converting the Hindus; stop USCIRF and US and the USCIRF – no end to impertinence 

  Myanmar Mission of the Council of Nagaland Baptist Churches Missionaries set Hindu temple on fire and Catholic Church sells Tickets to Heaven  

Despite the dawn of Enlightenment and advent of modern science, the West has still not matured enough to respect, tolerate and understand a simple notion that “All  paths lead to the same summit (God).”  

Refer to Christianization of Andhra Pradesh and Watch NDTV & CNNIBN Defending Antinationals & Terrorists. Refer to Amen - an autobiography of a nun and Mote and the beam - By Sandhya Jain.  Refer to  Refer to Ireland archbishop admits child abuse report 'will shock us all' and Dublin archbishop: Sex abuse report will shock (1,000's of children sexualy abused). Refer to It's time the government shut the foreign-funds tap for NGOs - By Prof R Vaidyanathan.  Refer to A Perception of Christian Missionary Activities – By Suresh Desai  Watch An Invasion through Conversion - Refer to NGO and foreign funds - Edited by Radha Rajan and Krishan Kak -  Refer to The Unholy legacy of Abraham – By G.M. Woerlee. Also refer to Scoring Against Paganism: Untangling the Manderweb and Introduction To Christianity - Comedian Dave Allen On Religion


Phon Phalla, a secretary of state for the Ministry of Cults and Religions, said the conference was important to stop religious discrimination in the countries represented. "I hope this event will reinforce the friendship between the Hindu and Buddhist faiths and therefore reduce religious conflict in the world," he said.

(source:  Buddhist, Hindu clergy convene in Cambodia -

U.S. Congressmen Press Sri Lanka to Drop Anti-Conversion Bill  

Evangelical outfits that have deceptively packaged their activities under freedom of religion with tacit support from the US Government.

Note: Reacting to proselytizing practices of missionaries, the Sri Lankan government has in the works a law to prevent conversions by "force, fraud or allurement." HPI often receives news of unethical practices by missionaries. Some representatives of the U.S. government are opposing the measures.

(source: U.S. Congressmen Press Sri Lanka to Drop Anti-Conversion Bill - Refer to It's time the government shut the foreign-funds tap for NGOs - By Prof R Vaidyanathan.

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An abysmally apocalyptic condition of Hindus In India

Only in India: Where 17% aggressive religious Minority rules over Majority

India is a predominantly Hindu nation83% of the Indian population is Hindu.  But it is a matter of great regret that India is the only country in the world where the Hindu majority population is being ruled by the other 17% minority communities. 

Sonia Maino Gandhi, the President of the ruling Congress Party is a practicing Catholic Christian.  Her son Rahul Gandhi who is being groomed as the next Prime Minister of India is also a Christian.  Sonia’s daughter Priyanka Vadera and her husband are also Christians.  India’a Defense Minister is A. K. Anthony, a Christian

Sonia’s closest advisors are:  Margaret Alva (resigned yesterday), Oscar Fernandes, Ambika Soni, all Christians (yes, despite Ambika’s Hindu sounding name, she is a Christian).  India ’s Vice President is Mohammad Hamid Ansari.  Ahmed Patel, Gulam Nabi Azad and Salman Khurshid the core members of Sonia’s think tank are all Muslims.   

Dr. Shakeel Ahmad is Minister of State in Home Ministry, a very sensitive post.  One more fundamentalist Islamist E. Ahmed, President of the Indian Union Muslim League is the Union Minister for External Affairs.  Mr. Abdul Rahman Antulay is the Minority Affairs Minister and Mr. Shafi Qureshi is the Chairman of National Commission on Minorities.  In addition, Sonia’s handpick Andhra Pradesh Chief MinisterY. S. Rajasekhara Reddy is also a Christian (again, to deceive the gullible Hindu public, he maintains a Hindu sounding name). 


 An abysmally apocalyptic condition of Hindus in India.

The homeland of my progenitors has already been cannibalised by Islam.
The homeland of my Dharma is under terror from a missionary-mullah-marxist nexus. 

Lord Krishna.

India: A Land of The Upanishads, The Bhagavad Gita and Vedas is being ruled by 17% of Aggressively religious Minority.

 Watch video The Hunt for Soul - Conversion activities in India (In Dutch and English). 

Refer to The Future of Christian-Hindu Conflict: The Theology of Conversion - By Krishna Kirti Das


Prof. Valson Thampu, a Christian theologian, an academic and author, Chairman, NCERT Curriculum Review Committee, is a known Hindu baiter.  Mr. John Dayal, Chairman of Indian Catholic Union, notorious for his hate mongering proclivity, is playing a very disastrous role in National Integration Council.  Anti-Hindu UPA government uses the services of Mr. John Dayal and Mr. Kanchan Ilaya, another Hindu hater, to lobby with the U.N. and U.S. Congress, to drive a wedge in Hindu society and weaken it.  

From the above, it is absolutely clear that India is actually being ruled either by the Moslems or by Christians.  The situation for Hindus in India , in short, could be described as abysmally apocalyptic.      

While most Hindus are busy in their daily chores like earning a living, doing yoga, making money, celebrating festivals, enjoying their lives, building temples, our adversaries have hatched very sinister plans to enslave us politically and then obliterate Hindu Dharma from the Indian soil.  As a matter of fact, the Hindus are under a multi-pronged seize. 

Muslim population in the world is approximately 1.3 billion.  They have more than 54 countries.  It is a paradox that Hindus with approximately one billion adherents in the world do not have even one country where they could live without any fear of being terrorized!   

We must rectify this dichotomy at the earliest.

Because of our internal squabbles, in the medieval period, Afghans and Moguls used us to fight for them and finally they subjugated India.  Now, because of our disunity, myopic vision, apathy, selfishness, greed, and ego-centric attitude, the Islamists, Christians and Communists are vying with one another to control Hindus politically.

The next Parliamentary elections are round the corner.  If Hindus really want to jettison the anti-Hindu forces (such as Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Ramvilas Paswan, the deadly combination of Leftists-cum-Islamists), who have entrenched themselves in the corridors of power and reduced Hindus to second class citizens in their own country, Hindus have to shed their squeamishness, and make a Machiavellian move to end this sordid chapter of servitude and vulnerability.

(source: How to Establish the Pro Hindu Government in India ? - By Narain Kataria - haindava keralam). Refer to Training Students to Convert Hindu Students in America. Refer to Searching for “God” in the Catholic Church   - By Krishen Kak -

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Conversion tactics in Nagaland

Another Cry in the Wilderness - By Rani Gaidinliu

Rani Gaidinliu (1915 – 1993) was born at the Nangkao village in Manipur, was an active freedom fighter of India who joined the agitation at the age of 13. She spearheaded an inspiring socio-political movement to cast the British out from the Manipur and Naga belts. It was in 1932 at the age of 16 that Rani Gaidinliu was arrested and put behind bars for life. She could be freed from the jail only after India 's independence in 1947.  

It was from this moment onwards that the responsibility of directing the agitation in the Manipur and Naza hill regions fell on Rani's shoulders. Following this incident, Rani Gaidinliu immediately went underground. Though the British announced a reward of Rs 500 to anybody who would inform them about her whereabouts, the entire village stood together in support of Rani. But she was finally hunted own in October 1932. Rani Gaidinliu was put under life imprisonment for waging war against the British.  The following is the part of the letter sent by Rain Gaindinliu, to the President and the former Prime Minister of India Morarji Desai in 1978. This excerpt give the idea of what was happening in some of the North-Eastern regions of India .  

Honorable Sir,  

Ours is said to be a secular country, though it is not clear how it is. In the name of secularism, thousands and lakhs of my Hindu brethren and children are converted to Christianity by hook or crook. This has been going on especially at a greater tempo after India attaining Independence , and in the name of Secularism while if one humbly calls himself, when asked, as just a Hindu, he is dubbed communal and anti-secular, and even obscurantist. As if this is not enough in our secular country if I call myself a Hindu in my own house the aggressive Christians have the audacity to call me a Satan’s slave in my own house. Today the situation is such that we cannot discuss our Santan Dharma in our house. The churches habitually employ fraudulent means in their behavior in Nagaland and elsewhere in the whole of Purvanchal organizing protest day against ‘The freedom of Religion Bill.’ The whole political adventurism had the leading politico-religious elements among the ruling circle (who are well known for their anti Indian stance and were earlier underground fighting with the army for many years). 

The State Government which is ruled by the American Baptist Church at present made no attempt whatsoever to regularize the closure of the office that day. Entire Nagaland was held ransom by the puppet churches of the day. It is significant that among about 60 to 70 different slogans, there were such treacherous ones ‘Hindu Raj or Secular India’, ‘Freedom of Religion Bill crushes Christian faith’ and ‘No ban on cow slaughter’. It was a historical example of how with the help of powerful resources and immense publicity media at their command, the churches can fool all the people all the time by repeating a lie a thousand times, and by sheer political blackmail.  

Christian missionaries network objectives are all directed at separatism and de-nationalization of peoples. As it is, these are definitely subversive and anti-Indian Radios established at the cost of the Hindu taxpayers to crush Hinduism and break up the country. This further shows how our Central Government lacks co-ordination in functioning whereby the Prime Minister is firmly opposed to Conversion of minors and his own Radio is busy doing the same. I am however, glad to hear the church’s henchmen among the Kohima A. I. R. staff are unable to remove the ‘Bande Mataram’ and the relay of All India News from Delhi as they are not with in their powers, despite their trying to remove them too. My gratefulness to God for at least something Indian we can hear from the Indian Radios.  

With high regards,
Yours sincerely,
Rani Gaindinliu
Kohima, Nagaland. 

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Christian Conquest of India - White Man's Burden

Christian Conversion are a plot to Murder Ancient Indic Civilization and Culture.

To Colonize our souls and Cannibalize our Cultures. 

Massive Foreign funds to annihilate the native faith of the World.

Conversion (Christian and Islamic) is not Spirituality - it is Imperialism and Terrorism. Imposing a Monolith view on the world.

“Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother..."

                                                                 Matthew 10:34-35 - Things they don't tell about Christianity  

"Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived."  - Isaac Asimov 

"Whoever will take the trouble to read attentively, will find in all those passages where the Old Testament is cited, only an obvious abuse of words, and the seal of falsehood on almost every page."  - Voltaire

“The calculation is that this (India) is the last great missionary front on Earth”  - John L. Allen Jr a Vatican expert based in Rome.

"A new mood of aggressive evangelism has been emanating from America. Well-funded, superbly networked, backed by the highest of the land, seized of its moral supremacy, it has India as one of its key targets."

                                -  V K Shashikumar - Preparing for the harvest ...  - By  Refer to Debunking Christianity and Why I Became an Atheist: A Former Preacher Rejects Christianity - by John W. Loftus and Christianity’s criminal history – By Karlheinz Deschner Refer to Harvesting Our Souls - Missionaries, their design, their claims - By Arun Shourie and Foundations of  Christianity – By Karl Kautsky. Refer to Foreign contributions to India 2006 - 2007 and Christian Institutions Top List of NGOs Operating in India in 2007  Refer to Sex, Priests, and Secret Codes: The Catholic Church’s 2000-year Paper Trail of Sexual Abuse - By Thomas Doyle, AW Richard Sipe & Patrick Wall

" The movement to convert Asia and Africa to Christianity is a continuation of what was known in the colonial days as the ‘White Man's Burden' to civilize these regions. But what the Christians more appropriately the White Christians of Europe, America and Australia - conveniently forget is that Asian and African nations have a history of civilization dating back over three thousand years before Christ.

                                                            - Sultan Shahin author of  Harvesting Asian souls Refer to Murder of Mahatma by the Church – By Ashok Sahu and Over zealous crusader - By V Sundaram


Christianity's Magnificent Historical Obsession to Convert.

Christianity has Created Civilizational Graveyards all over the world.

The Burden of the Cross: To colonize our Hindu souls and cannibalize Indian culture.

Denigrating Hindu gods and goddesses has become the standard practice of preachers flush with foreign funds.

Irony Alert:  Historically the Jews have denied Jesus as Messiah and have rejected Christianity and yet this dogma is being forced upon the rest of the world?

I am the LORD thy God …Thou shalt have no other gods before me…for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God Exodus 20.2,3,5


Monotheism, stands out as especially dangerous, repressive and loony. 

"Christianity’s rapacious evangelical agenda has caused, and will continue to cause, incalculable damage to humanity’s spirit.

Why this war on Hinduism? Destroying India's Spiritual Democracy. Global Christianity will tolerate no rival. Why are monotheistic traditions (Christianity and Islam) unable to live in peace in pluralist societies?

For those who propagate the supremacy of Christianity. Worshipping a Dead Arab on a stick makes a whole lot of sense than worshipping the Divine within us or the forces of Mother Nature? Like the Tobacco and drug industry when they cannot market a faulty product in the West they head to the Third World countries trying to sell their wares. Similarly Christianity which is dying in the West (especially Europe) is following the same route to increase and inflate its numbers through deceit and allurement.

(image source: democratic


Spiritual Design and Intrusion:  History of how Western Powers want to destroy Indic Civilization

Christofascism? An Arrogant, totalitarian, imperialistic attitude towards Hinduism

Alexander Zinoviev (1922 -    )  Russian sociologist and works in Russian Academy of Sciences. He has been many times in India and is interested in Indian culture.

He has recently written:

"But I would like to believe Hinduism is too valuable for humanity, and sacred Indian books contain too much precious and unique knowledge that it will not sink in oblivion. I’d like to believe that the principles of Indian philosophy and religion are much more in agreement with the needs for the future than any other religion in the world, in agreement with the tendency, known in Western countries as New Age. 

It’s my deep belief that without India the world will sink in spiritual darkness and ignorance."

(source: For India’s survival Hinduism has to prevail - By Alexander Zinoviev - Refer to Christianization of Andhra PradeshRefer to Searching for “God” in the Catholic Church   - By Krishen Kak -  Refer to A Perception of Christian Missionary Activities – By Suresh Desai


Religious Conversion is a foreign policy objective of the Christian West.

Western governments as a matter of carefully thought-out strategy provide economic, diplomatic and political support to missionary organizations to carry out conversions throughout the world. The US government considers Christian evangelism as an inseparable part of its foreign policy.  

Despite the dawn of Enlightenment and advent of modern science, the West has still not matured enough to respect, tolerate and understand a simple notion that “All  paths lead to the same summit (God).”


“Evangelisation in India appears to be part of uniform world policy to revive Christendom for re-establishing western supremacy and is not prompted by spiritual motives. The objective is apparently to create Christian minority pockets with a view to disrupt the solidarity of Non-Christian societies and the mass conversions of a considerable section of Adivasis with this ulterior motive is fraught with danger to the security of the state.”

(source: Niyogi Committee Report). Refer to CIA Recruitment and the Church

Conversion is God's work?


The Hyporcisy: Destruction of Indic Faiths


Refer to Religious conversion is God’s work, but is it? - By Hilda Raja and This Church is a Cruel Joke  - By George Augustine. Refer to Over zealous crusader - By V Sundaram. Refer to Ireland archbishop admits child abuse report 'will shock us all' and Dublin archbishop: Sex abuse report will shock (1,000's of children sexualy abused) Refer to Christian Saints for Sale - By C I Isaac -


Describing religious conversion as "God's work", new Superior General of the Missionaries of Charity (MoC) Sister Mary Prema Friday said she would go to Orissa's Kandhamal - scene of communal violence - if she received divine inspiration. The German born Prema, who was elected as MoC head Tuesday, hoped the order's founder Nobel laureate Mother Teresa will be canonised one day. She also expressed her desire to meet Pope Benedict XVI.

(source: 'Conversion is God's work' -


Pitrim Alexandrovitch Sorokin (1889-1968) was a Russian-American sociologist of Harvard University had said: 

"During the past few centuries the most belligerent, the most aggressive, the most rapacious, the most power-drunk section of humanity has been precisely, the Christian Western world. 

During these centuries western Christendom had invaded all other continents; its armies followed by priests and merchants have subjugated, robbed or pillaged most of the non-Christians. Native Americans, African, Australian, Asiatic populations have been subjugated to this peculiar brand of Christian "love" which has generally manifested itself in pitiless destruction, enslavement, coercion, destruction of the cultural values, institutions, the way of life of the victims and the spread of alcoholism, venereal disease, commercial cynicism and the like."

(source: History of Hindu-Christian Encounters - By Sita Ram Goel  ISBN 9990049173 p. 370). 
Refer to chapter on European Imperialism  

Refer to The Future of Christian-Hindu Conflict: The Theology of Conversion - By Krishna Kirti Das

Note: Christian Love? Christianity has destroyed Native cultures around the globe from Australia , New Zealand to India to Africa and the Americas . Tragically Native Americans/African Americans have been stripped of their Cultural Identity. Hair styles, clothing and even names and body languages were changed. The intention was to completely erase the Indian way of life.  Indeed, in order to destroy completely not only their African heritage, but also their very African identity psychologically, they were forced to change their names to Arabic and Christian names...


India Under Siege - Missionary Onslaught

India has had an unrivalled tradition of religious freedom and tolerance. 

That tradition was born of the consciousness that truth can never be the monopoly of any one sect or creed.


Orissa-based Swami, An Anti-Conversion Champion, Is Killed by Christian Missionaries
Ethically-Challenged Christian Missionaries Piously bent on destroying Ancient Culture of India

Orissa, India. August 24, 2008: Swami Laxmananda Saraswati, the 80-year-old monk who spearheaded the anti-conversion movement in Orissa's tribal dominated areas for decades, was shot dead at his Jalespata Ashram under Tumudibandha block in Kandhamal district late Saturday night. Director-General of Police Gopal Nanda confirmed the murderous attack on Swami Laxmananda Saraswati's ashram. 

Swami Laxmananda Saraswati came to tribal-dominated Kandhamal in 1966. Since then he has been leading a campaign against conversion activities of Christian missionaries. He has also been in the forefront of the campaign against cow-slaughter. It was because of his sustained efforts that thousands of tribals who had embraced Christianity returned to the Hindu fold. Swami Laxmananda Saraswati had served tribals, mainly Kandhs, in the region. His main ashram is located at Chakapad in the same district. The place where he was killed houses a residential school for girls and an ashram.

Brutally assaulted and killed by AK-47 rifles and 7.62 mm assault rifles and 9 mm pistols. 

Christian atrocities are well cloaked under the 'pious'  and hypocritical guise of social service.

Christian Evangelists, NGOs and INGOs hate anyone or anything being nationalistic.



The heinous murder of Swami Laxmananda Saraswati - valiant warrior for Hindu civilisation.

The secular and foreign media has worked overtime to delink the ugly, provocative murder of 80-year-old Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati and four disciples to aggressive Christian evangelicals.

Though not yet conclusively proved about the motivation, a firm belief is spreading among the disciples of Swamiji that the Christian missionaries had hired a splinter group of Maoists to eliminate Swamiji, the main bottleneck on the way to proselytisation. Killing the seer with AK-47 rifles and 7.62 mm assault rifles and 9 mm pistols does prove such a nexus. Actually Swamiji proved to be a great stumbling block in the way of the missionaries from converting the simple Vanvasis and others to Christianity by allurement, bribe and deceit.

In 1999 the burning of Christian priest Graham Staines and his two young sons invited an international outrage, in which even the then US President Bill Clinton through telephone expressed his deepest concern to the then Indian Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee. The German Parliament passed a resolution condemning the killing of Graham Staines who was actively involved in active propagation of his religion. 

And this time also, the national media and specifically the English ones have focused more on the aftermath violence than on the Swamiji’s murder itself. The Catholic religion head, Pope Benedict XVI and the Italian Parliament have expressed their deepest concern on the incident of church burning, damage to Christian homes, property and their escapade to the jungle but no sympathy for Hindus and the causes for this conflict and violence.

Refer to Hindu Human Rights Watch and Christian fundamentalism and the media in South India - By Pradip N. Thomas. Refer to The Persecution Industry: What are the stakes? - By Ramapriya Abraham and Follow up on the murder of Swami Lakshmananda – Dar-ul- islam Christendom. The Myth of Christian oppression? The carefully nurtured image of oppression of Christians in India by the media and Human Rights groups in the West. Refer to Things they don't tell about Christianity and 1,000 years of Carnage and Barbarity in the name of Christ. Refer to Conversion is Terrorism! and How UPA Government tortures Hindu Monks in India and Christian Missionaries step up activities to convert Jews in Israel. Refer to SNAP - Survivors Network of those Abused by Priest.   


The police have arrested Pradesh Kumar Das, an employee of the World Vision, a Christian Charity, from Khadagpur while escaping from the district at Buguda. In another drive, two other persons Vikram Digal and William Digal have been arrested from the house of Lal Digal, a local militant Christian, from Nuasahi at Gunjibadi, Nuagaan. They have admitted to having joined a group of 28 other assailants. Last Rites of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati Performed - Rituals associated with the death of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati -- the Sodoshi Mohatshov, 16th day function -- were held amidst unprecedented security measures at his Chakapada Ashram, 61 km from here today. A Shivalingam was installed at the samadhi of Laxmananandaji. Prior to the installation several yagnas were performed. The rituals were followed by a memorial meeting in which devotees vowed to carry forward his battle against illegal conversion and cow slaughter. 

Paying glowing tributes to Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, speakers said he had laid down his life for the Hindu cause. "The religion is under threat from forces who indulge in illegal conversion." they said.

Refer to Swami Laxmanananda murder: Can’t we stop conversion? - By MA Kharabela Swain. Watch Refer to,, Conversion Agenda, Christian Watch the movie Deliver us from Evil

Christian Conversions and Attack on Hindu Swami in Orissa

It is now a known global fact that the mainline English media (both print and electronic) in India are committed every day only to the cause of the reporting of manufactured pseudo events or suitably "tailored’ so called real events. All the time the language of the manufactured story is so designed as to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give as appearance of solidity to pure wind.  

The most important cardinal truth that is being deliberately and mischievously suppressed by the media is the fact that the whole trouble started after the Fanatic Christians attacked SWAMY LAKSHMANANDA SARASWATHI in Christian dominated Brahmanaigaon in Kandhamal District in Orissa on Monday, the 24 December 2007.

(source: Christian Conversions and Attack on Hindu Swami in Orissa - By V Sundaram Refer to India Secular and The Rise and fall of Religious Right in USA


We knew it was Christian Mafia  
Net closes in on Congress Christian MP for Orissa swami’s murder

Bhubaneswar: The BJD-BJP Government in Orissa is closing in on Congress Rajya Sabha member and former civil servant Radhakanta Nayak for his “alleged role in the conspiracy to kill Lakshmanananda Saraswati.”

Sources say that Nayak, the most high-profile Christian political leader in the State, may be arrested shortly. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) has alleged that the plot to kill Lakshamananda Saraswati was “hatched in the presence of Nayak.”

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Orissa police is said to be preparing a case against Nayak and his supporters. Though CID officials refused to comment whether they considered Nayak as one of the suspects, they said: “The mastermind has been identified and he is now out of Orissa.”

He could not make it to the post but in 2004, he was elected to the Rajya Sabha on a Congress ticket. In Kandhamal, he is known as the protector of churches and Pano (Dalit) Christians. Nayak is also connected with the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA). What are they going to say now? Understandably, they are mum. I haven’t seen this news report in any other paper than the Indian Express. Spit and run. Now, what saith the raped nun?

(source: We knew it was Christian Mafia - Refer to How UPA Government tortures Hindu Monks in India

Harvesting Hindu Souls

Mahatma Gandhi (1869-1948) was among India's most fervent nationalists, fighting for Indian independence from British rule. Gandhi rose to the eminence of being called “amoral genius” by no less a person than the celebrated British philosopher C. E. M Joad. He was disillusioned by the hypocrisy of the Western civilization. 

"I am a Hindu because it is Hinduism which makes the world worth living.

He claimed: "I am a proud staunch Sanatani Hindu."  

He took considerable pride in this self-identification. Far from being a dirty word as it would soon become even for some so-called Hindu leaders, the word "Hindu" conveyed to him all that was noble and elevating. He did not feel that he was being "communal" when he called himself a Hindu. For him Hinduism was a a vast, spiritual vision beckoning man to rise to the highest heights.

 He has further stated:

"Hinduism has made marvelous discoveries in things of religion, of the spirit, of the soul."

(source: Young India 1-12-26 and (source: Young India, 24/11/1924 p. 390-396 and  The Discovery of India - By Jawaharlal Nehru. Oxford University Press. 1995. pg 75).  Refer to Murder of Mahatma by the Church – By Ashok Sahu

Faith Stealers
Spiritual regiment of the West's conquering armies

Christian expansionism was a two-track affair. A secular empire capturing colonies, turning humans into slaves; and missionaries harvesting them for intellectual and soul slavery. Both used deceit to achieve their objectives: denying expansionism, saying they were merely trying to help out, creating and encouraging our internal rivalries, claiming to be separate from each other while helping each other; in short both lying through their teeth. We ran a powerful independence movement trying to get rid of the former; but despite an occasional fulmination by leaders like Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi, we basically left the latter alone.

Arun Shourie's Harvesting Our Souls, a sequel to his Missionaries in India, may mark the beginning of a movement for the independence of our intellect and our souls. Coming as it does after Pope John Paul II's call to Christian missionaries to intensify their mission of harvesting our souls, it has arrived just in time. It fulfils a widely felt need, particularly after Missionaries in India, which detailed how missionaries had been casting aspersions on our culture and religions through the centuries.

As India came to realise what names missionaries have been calling us, how callously they have been interpreting our scriptures, one did want to seek the truth of their claims. Unfortunately, Christian missionary schools have been able to brainwash our elite so well that while our intelligentsia was already aware of what Shourie has put together in his book, it was not able to see through their claims and their design.

Rising communal tension between locals and Christian missionaries has focused our mind on the threat to social harmony the activities of missionaries pose. The way Christian converts in East Timor were helped by powerful Christian governments to gain independence from Indonesia has also awakened many of us.

(source: Faith Stealers - By Sultan Shahin -


A plot to conquer India by conversion
Resenting Conversion is dubbed as Communal by Indian 'Secular' Media

Cowards blame the victims


Hindus in India and Nepal are prime targets for this harvest of faith. Even if old horrors like Goa Inquisition (1560 to 1812) heaped on Hindus by the church are kept aside, what is happening now is equally horrible.

The so-called ‘secular’ India has proved to be a disaster for Hindus. To prevent the creation of more Pakistans and Bangladeshs on Bharat’s soil by countless Pak-Bangla terrorists and infiltrators, and to prevent more Hindu lands (like North-East India) going to missionaries, ‘secular India ’ has to be transformed into ‘Hindu Bharat’. Since Bharat has forgotten its ancient Sanskrit adage, “Shathe shaathyam samaacharet” (treat the wicked in his own wicked way), its tormentors are having a free run.

Expansionist forces are waging a relentless war to demolish Hinduism and Hindu civilisation the way they have already wiped out many native religions and cultures from Europe, America , Africa, Australia , New Zealand , numerous Islands and parts of Asia .

Predators or ‘victims’?

Missionaries pretend to be ‘victims’ if their predatory attempts at proselytisation are resisted.

Recent circulation of a number of contrived stories about the alleged attacks on Christians in mainstream anti-Hindu media suppresses the fact that Hindu reaction in Orissa was triggered by the murder of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, and in Karnataka by denigration of Hindu gods in the book, Satya Darshini— distributed by some missionaries.

Unfortunately, most of the mainstream media in India is anti-Hindu, and hides missionary aggression. But it dubs those resenting this aggression as ‘communal’. While the said media ignored the outrageous murder of Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati, as also the denigration of Hinduism in Satya Darshini, it over-blew the natural Hindu reaction following these appalling attacks on Hindus and Hindu faith.

A plot to conquer India by conversion - By J G Arora - 

As anti-missionary (not anti-Christian) violence is reported from some parts of the country, we are once again witnessing the familiar charade of public debate. A government that showed stoic indifference to a series of terrorist acts that killed dozens in several Indian cities; stayed mute when fanatic mobs desecrated the Tricolour on the Independence Day; is alarmed by reported on churches in Orissa, Karnataka, and Kerala. Upset enough to invoke the rarely-used Article 355 to issue directives to Orissa and Karnataka to restore law and order, ignoring the meaning of anti-missionary violence spreading to Kerala, haven of secularism.

The spontaneous response of unorganised Hindu mobs is being portrayed as pre-meditated attacks on Christians by members of blood-thirsty communal outfits. While the Hindu reaction to missionary mischief is highlighted with sharp focus, the original provocation (murder of a Hindu sanyasi and continuous forced conversions) is all but ignored. 


 Ram Rajya or Rome Rajya?

Christianity has not gotten tolerant over the years; it has merely gotten smarter. You catch more flies with sugar than salt

It costs 145 billion dollars to operate global Christianity.

A civilizational assault by India ’s supposedly miniscule internationally-backed Christian minority has been even more unrelenting.

The Church is the second largest land owner, the largest being the Indian military. Most of this land was given under land grants by the British to the Church, and by subsequent Indian governments.


Christianity, like its angry brother Islam, will tolerate no rival.

Christianity (like Islam) works on the principle:  What is mine is mine, what is yours should be free for evangelisation

Christianity has not gotten tolerant over the years; it has merely gotten smarter. You catch more flies with sugar than salt

Christian atrocities are well cloaked under the 'pious'  and hypocritical guise of social service. Christian missionaries are like Vultures who prey on Famine and natural disaster victims of the world. How would these Western missionaries react if the tables were reversed and Islamic/Buddhist/Hindu missionaries tried to convert them during a Hurricane disaster (like Katrina) in the United States?

The World Christian Trends (2001) has placed the number of persons affiliated to the Church in India at 62243546 or 6.1%. In short, the number of Christians in India is nearly thrice the official census figure!

Refer to Religious conversion is God’s work, but is it? - By Hilda Raja and This Church is a Cruel Joke  - By George Augustine. Refer to Loot: in search of the East India Company - By Nick Robins and How India became poor -  

Christian missionaries are like Vultures who prey on Famine and natural disaster victims of the world.


India and its Missions”, an official Catholic publication, discusses the Spiritual Advantages of Famine and Cholera under that very heading!

Such a passage appears to Hindus as reminiscent of vultures circling over carcasses. 

Soul for food is a Faustian deal, and offering temptations is the way of Satan, not saints. Yet the church regards it as appropriate action at the proper time.

Why are monotheistic traditions (Christianity and Islam) unable to live in peace in pluralist societies?

It costs 145 billion dollars to operate global Christianity, records a book on evangelization. The Church commands 4,000,000 full time Christian workers, it runs 13,000 major libraries, it publishes 22,000 periodicals, it operates 1,800 Christian Radio and TV stations. It runs 1,500 universities and 930 research centers. It has 250,000 foreign missionaries and over 400 institutions to train them. These are 1989 numbers. No wonder Church needs Nazi gold looted from Jews of Europe and drug money to support this gigantic multinational operation.

Mahatma Gandhi wrote: "Only the other day a missionary descended on a famine area with money in his pocket, distributed it among the famine stricken, converted them to his fold, took charge of their temple, and demolished it. This is outrageous." (quoted in Harijan: November 5, 1937).

Refer to chapter on Conversion Refer to Vatican's Holocaust - By Avro Manhattan and What Some Famous People Have Said About Christianity and jesusneverexisted.comRefer to Harvesting Our Souls - Missionaries, their design, their claims - By Arun Shourie. Refer to Jews for Jesus: Targeting Jews for Conversion with Subterfuge and Deception  


The church assumes an air of injured innocence and secularist edit writers and ‘analysts’ indulge in sanctimonious humbug on the duty of a secular state to protect the minorities’ right to religious freedom, including propagation of religion, dangers of ‘majoritarianism’, damage to the country’s image abroad and social fabric at home, etc. 

It is, therefore, not surprising that the Karnataka chief minister is under attack for saying that forced conversions are inappropriate. The Indian establishment feels duty-bound to protect, if not encourage, those who are out to subvert Hinduism.

The slightest whiff of dissent, the vaguest hint of a different perspective, invites instant condemnation from those who have positioned themselves as guardians of democracy and secularism in the country. 

This ostrich-like mentality (of the UPA Government, English Language Media and secularist elite) is not shared by people at large. 

Watch The Truth about our "Secular" Indian MediaRefer to Christianization of Andhra Pradesh and Searching for “God” in the Catholic Church   - By Krishen Kak Refer to Thousands beaten, raped in Irish reform schools and Terror behind locked door

The government, media and civil society will be missing the wood for the trees if they regard the current spate of violence against missions as attacks on minorities by communal outfits out to polarize society and raise communal temperatures on the eve of (possible national) elections. Large sections of Hindu society have never concealed their discomfort with conversions carried out by missionaries, and particularly with the means employed to win converts.

Hindu leaders from Swami Vivekananda down to Acharya Dharmendra have questioned the motives underlying the much-publicised social service of the missionaries. They have questioned not the ‘service’ per se, but its strong link with conversions. That link is freely acknowledged by missionaries themselves. The Church makes no secret of its strategy of selecting groups which are the weakest, approaching them when they are most vulnerable, and converting them in return for the assistance rendered.

India and its Missions”, an official Catholic publication, discusses the Spiritual Advantages of Famine and Cholera under that very heading! It quotes the report of the Archdiocese of Puducherry to his superiors in Europe : The famine has wrought miracles. The catechumenates are filling, baptismal water flows in steams and starving little tots fly in masses to heaven… a hospital is a readymade congregation; there is no need to go into highways and hedges and compel them to ‘come in’. They send each other.”  

Such a passage appears to Hindus as reminiscent of vultures circling over carcasses. Soul for food is a Faustian deal, and offering temptations is the way of Satan, not saints. Yet the church regards it as appropriate action at the proper time.

(source: Conversions are Religious Intolerance  - By Virendra Parekh -  The author is Executive Editor, Corporate India, and lives in Mumbai). Refer to Things they don't tell about Christianity. For daily news and columns on India refer to Sarve Samachar and

Dar-ul- islam Christendom
India is in reality, ruled by an Italian Catholic Super Prime Minister.

As we alight each step in the aftermath of the gruesome murder of Swami Lakshmananda Saraswati, we progressively discover the true nature of Christianity in its pristine-pure form. The faithful followers of the God of the Book and his Son are united across the globe in condemning–not the murder of the Swami–Hindu extremists for their unfair attacks on Christians.  

No less than the Holy “Ratzinger” See has joined the fray of the denouncers. I learnt with great sorrow the information concerning the violence against the Christian community in Orissa which broke out after the reprehensible assassination of the Hindu leader, Swami Laxmanananda Saraswati,” he said. Ah! At least a word of condemnation from the Saviour of Souls. But others have expressed a similar sentiment in less colourful language but compensated for by applying vivid hues ranging from barbaric, extremists, and militant. Homegrown converts have quickly journeyed their outrage to the highest levels.  For the lamb cannot afford to disobey  Maino whose soul in turn has been promised safe passage to the Kingdom of Heaven by the Holy See. Death to Lakshmananda Saraswati for he is not blessed with such luck in addition to being born a Heathen. I don’t recall reading the Lamb bemoaning the death of the Swami, or condemning the killing. Here is a sample of the power and reach of said homegrown converts when they with impunity.

Note that this call is based on purely religious grounds. Solidarity. In other words, a show of Dar-ul-Christendom. I don’t wish to recall the practise of open discrimination against Hindus in these very institutions–Hindu girl-children are forbidden from wearing the Bindi, and Hindu teachers/lecturers paid salaries at a lesser scale, and in general, reminded of their inferiority by virtue of being born Hindus and following Hinduism. Secularists don’t bat an eyelid, of course. In any case, the outrage against the attacks on Christians is equally vocal, and uniformly resonant across the Christian world–India too, is included in the said world. Their only chant: Maoists, not Christians killed the Swami despite proof to the contrary. I suppose their passion for service to the Lord has blinded them to the concept of smoke and fire.

Finally, it is a telling statement on the spinelessness of the UPA when Italy ’s Foreign Ministry will summon India ’s ambassador to demand “incisive action” to prevent further attacks against Christians that have left 11 people dead in Orissa, the Italian government said on Thursday. If these jokers have any self-respect left, they would tell the Italian foreign ministry to mind its own business. But they won’t.   India is in reality, ruled by an Italian Super Prime Minister.

(source: Follow up on the murder of Swami Lakshmananda – Dar-ul- islam Christendom).  Refer to Refer to Christian Terrorists threaten to kill Puri Shankaracharya -

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