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Spiritual leader Sri Sri RaviShankar against Conversion on Allurement

Keith M Parsons author of Why I Am Not a Christian (2000) has observed:  

"So no, Christianity has not gotten tolerant over the years; it has merely gotten smarter. You catch more flies with sugar than salt, and you get more converts with slick rhetoric and high-tech propaganda than you do with dungeon, fire, and sword. Who needs Grand Inquisitors when you have gone on-line and satellites broadcast your message worldwide? So Christian intolerance no longer wears the mask of the Inquisitor; it wears the "aw shucks" grin of Pat Robertson and the oleaginous simper of Jerry Falwell.”

(source: Why I am not a Christian - By Keith M Parsons). Refer to Things they don't tell about Christianity


Opposing religious conversion through allurement anywhere including Orissa's Kandhamal, spiritual leader Ravi Shankar today said any attempt to convert people by giving false promises under the garb of service would destroy pluralism and harmony. Though one was free to propagate one's religion, none should try to give an impression that other faiths were bad as it would ruin unity and heterogeneous character of the Indian society, the humanitarian leader said here.

Stating that the existing anti-conversion law should be enforced, he said non-violence and inter-faith dialogues should be used for conflict resolution in places like riot-torn Kandhamal. Ravishankar also took a dig at the Centre and criticised its announcement of 25 lakh scholarships for students belonging to minority community saying such appeasement would spark rift among the youngsters. Terming the move as a "blunder" on the part of the prime minister, he said "such petty vote bank politics to appease a community is dangerous."

Observing that there was no attempt to carry out religious conversion in Hinduism, the spiritual leader said Hindus rarely propagate their religion, which remains confined to a personal and individual activity.                  

(source:  Spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravishankar against conversion on allurement - Refer to Preparing for the harvest ...  - By 


Civilizing the Heathens of India by Spreading Christianity is like America spreading Democracy in Iraq

White Man's Burden:  Funds for Christian Invasion of India

Each year, the Government of India's Ministry of Home Affairs releases a report (URL below) entitled, "Receipt of Foreign Contributions by Voluntary Associations.

Following are the Associations which receive the funds

Gospel Fellowship Trust India , USA -- $60,305,263  
Gospel for Asia, USA
-- $36,100,000  
Plan International, UK
-- $29,257,895  
Foundation Vicent E Ferrer, Alicante , Spain
-- $27,428,947 
Christian Aid, UK
-- $21,094,737  
Miseror Mozartstrasse , Germany -- $20,457,895  
Foundacion Vicente Ferrer, Madrid, Spain -- $20,118,421  
Oxfam , UK -- $19,721,053  
NOVIB, Netharlands
-- $19,321,053  
Deptt for International Devpt (DFID), UK
-- $15,723,684  
Kindemothilfe , Germany -- $14,318,421  
Save the Children Fund , UK
-- $13,594,737  
Manos Unidas , Spain
-- $13,050,000  
Missio, Germany -- $12,900,000  
Population Service International USA
-- $12,826,316  
Total funds sent to India : -- $336,218,421

(source: Refer to Report).  

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Burden of the Cross

Thomas Jefferson (1743 - 1826) was the third President of the United States (1801–1809), the principal author of the Declaration of Independence (1776), and one of the most influential Founding Fathers for his promotion of the ideals of republicanism in the United States .

"Christianity is the most perverted system that ever shone on man."

"The Christian God is a being of terrific character - cruel, vindictive, capricious, and unjust."

"I do not find in orthodox Christianity one redeeming feature." "It is between fifty and sixty years since I read the Apocalypse, and I then considered it merely the ravings of a maniac."

"We discover [in the Gospels] a groundwork of vulgar ignorance, of things impossible, of superstition, fanaticism and fabrication."

The Christian god is a three headed monster; cruel, vengeful and capricious. If one wishes to know more of this raging, three headed beast-like god, one only needs to look at the caliber of the people who say they serve him. They are always of two classes: fools and hypocrites." Writing on on the Revelations in the Bible, from Thomas Jefferson: A Reference Biography, New York : Charles Scribner's Sons, 1986."...merely the ravings of a maniac, no more worthy, nor capable of explanation than the incoherence's of our own nightly dreams." "Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law." 


Is this the " Superior " western civilization?

A spectre is haunting our earth—the spectre of Revenge. Revenge for the crimes of nations and peoples in the past. Time has not requieted it; nor has it suffered from amnesia. Like an evil spirit, it hovers over the earth. 
The anger is directed against the West. The West has been leading the world for three long centuries. It wants now to make its rule a hereditary right. But what is its record? What is its reputation? How does it deserve this great honour?

The last slave ship left the African coast in 1807. Nearly two centuries have passed. And yet the soul of Africa remains restless. It is not pacified. Africa cries for revenge and reparation for the worst crimes in human history.

The Chinese too want their revenge. They have not forgotten the opium wars thrust upon them by Britain . And India ? It was made into a wasteland by the invaders. We can never forget it. May be, revenge is not what we want. We want our honour restored.

And the Jews? There is nothing comparable to the holocaust in barbarism. They have been subject to the longest hate and persecution in history.

The world is full of horrible memories of high injustices—of unjust wars, colonial plunder and oppression, imperial conquests, racial atrocities. These have left deep scars on the racial memory of peoples. They cannot forget. How can the Red-Indians ever forget the genocide of their race and the destruction of the Aztec, Inca and Maya civilisations? Writes an authority on the Mayas: “The great men of Athens would not have felt out of place in a gathering of Maya priests and rulers.”

How can the original inhabitants of Australia and New Zealand forget the decimation of their peoples? Every nation, which was colonised, has a bitter tale to tell. And the Christian church was at the bottom of it all—providing the real inspiration. It has given its blessing to every Christian enterprise inspired by the Devil

Dr. S Radhakrishnan writes:

“The history of Christianity illustrates the tragic effects of a unique intolerant and exclusive truth.”

Resentment is building up like a volcano. It is bound to erupt. Terrorism is the first major outbreak of the pent up anger. America has come to know how it is to live in constant fear. But injustices continue to thrive. Why? Because those who perpetrate the evils even today believe that they can get away with murder. That is what the white hunters thought when they hunted for the black men in the jungles of Africa . They never thought that the spirit of African will rise one day and demand reparation. And yet these men who hunted other men were “Christians”. It was their claim that Christianity is all about love and compassion for humanity! They did not think of the African as a human being. The church propagated that the black men were the sons of the Devil.

Inequality, said Martin Luther, author of the Reformation, is a “natural order.” It still is a natural order to the West. Ask Wall Street!

The Semitic faiths were marked for their blindness and cruelty. This is no reflection on Christ. He was truly a man of God. The fault lay with the church. Today it is back again to its aggressive posture.

W E H Lecky (1838 -1903) the great Irish historian of Europe , writes:

 “What strikes us most in considering the medieval tortures is not so much their diabolic barbarity…(but) the artistic skill they displayed.” 

And the Inquisition was at the back of this art! In every prison, the crucifix and the rack (a torture instrument) stood side by side!

Torture was abolished in the teeth of opposition from the church, but most of the atrocities came back in full force with the blessings of the church during the colonial period. Although empires have gone, the predatory instinct of Western civilisation is still around.

Good Reader, it would be a good mental exercise for you to make a list of nations in the moral order.

Today the church wants to convert we Hindus—we who have never done a harm to a foreign nation in our history—into Christianity! Why? Because, says the church, we live in “darkness”! Because our gods are devils!

This is the record of Christianity! And it calls itself “superior!”

(source: Is this the " Superior " western civilisation? - By M S N Menon).

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Congress Party will have to pay dearly for playing with the Fire of Communalism.  

Steve Allen, (1921 - 2000) comedian, musician, writer, and talk show innovator in his book, Steve Allen on the Bible, Religion & Morality, 1990 had remarked: 

“It was only when I finally undertook to read the Bible through from beginning to end that I perceived that its depiction of the Lord God--whom I had always viewed as the very embodiment of perfection--was actually that of a monstrous, vengeful tyrant, far exceeding in bloodthirstiness and insane savagery the depredations of Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Attila the Hun, or any other mass murderer of ancient or modern history.”

”. . . the God of the Old Testament is a jealous, vengeful God . . .” (p. 180).  

“the Bible is full of error, contradictions, and inconsistencies” (pp. 416-417). He describes the Scriptures as being inadequate, narrow, vindictive, absurd, illogical, and stupid (p. 420). Allen contends that the Bible is horribly immoral in numerous places.  


Evangelists have been using dirty tricks in Karnataka to convert vulnerable Hindus. The literature that is being used to propagate Christianity is repulsive: Denigrating Hindu gods and goddesses has become the standard practice of preachers flush with foreign funds.  

The ruling coalition at the Centre in stern terms. The Congress's duplicity -- from tackling (largely) homegrown Islamic terrorism with an iron hand to keeping mum over the plight of Amarnath pilgrims to paying lip service to widespread conversion activity in Andhra Pradesh to being blind to the murder of Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati in Orissa -- is more than evident. This behaviour lends credence to the suspicion that the Congress seeks to deflect attention from its own ineptitude as also from widespread public anger in the wake of unrelenting terror attacks on Indian soil.

Conversion cause Social Disruption and Loss of Culture


Sonia Gandhi a devout Italian Catholic and PM Manmohan Singh

It is mind boggling to think that one billion people are under the rule of a foreign Italian Catholic woman who is by NO means a towering intellectual and who has NO compassion for the Hindu cause or interest in Hinduism. 

Indic religions are once again caught in an unenviable position between a bloodthirsty Islamic terrorism and devious Christian spiritual imperialism. Tragically, as long as we have an Italian Catholic woman, one who has no interest in preserving Hinduism (such an intellectual - Annie Besant did) pulling the strings of the Indian Government these incidents will go on. In conclusion it can be said that we are truly living in the age of The Kali Yuga.

The Congress's duplicity -- from tackling (largely) homegrown Islamic terrorism with an iron hand to keeping mum over the plight of Amarnath pilgrims to paying lip service to widespread conversion activity in Andhra Pradesh to being blind to the murder of Swami Lakshmanananda Saraswati in Orissa -- is more than evident.

According to Columnist Rajeev Srinivasan: “Nary a word about the societal disruption, National disharmony, loss of Civilizational and Culture, self esteem caused by conversions to Christianity induced by force, fraud and allurement. Not a word about the culpability of Western donors in the religious cleansing of Hindus perpetrated by the missionary saboteurs and their pawns who convert for a bag of Rice, a bottle of liquor or the allurement of licentious behaviour sanctioned by the immoral Christian Church and it's debauched "fathers". There is no pretense of objectivity anymore in the Indian media, not even the false fig leaf of "neutrality" feigned by some Western entities.” 

Refer to Manifesto for saving Hindu India: Political power has eluded Hindus for centuries - By Dr Gautam Sen  and Secularism has degenerated as the backbone of terrorists & evangelists - By Dr Gautam Sen. Also refer to Church in Kerala is rocked by sex scandals – By George Iype in Kochi and Clergy abuse. Refer to Amen - an autobiography of a nun and The disadvantaged Hindus, pampered Minorities - By R K Ohri


As we shall see, the truth about attacks on Christian places of worship in Mangalore and adjoining areas is at best murky. But decades of received wisdom in vast sections of the English media dictated that the Sangh Parivar was guilty. Accordingly, they donned judicial robes and pronounced the Sangh Parivar guilty without any evidence. A certain media house has been running what looks like a serial campaign against the Bajrang Dal. In what looks suspiciously complementary, it is also running feature-length interviews of 'success stories' of select Christian converts. Among others, it has put on record how regular prayer helped a poor convert 'heal' cancerous tumours! Further, this convert had, in vain, appealed to her caste members/Hindu organisations for medical aid/donations. Both the connotation and conclusion of this brazen style of reporting are inescapable.

There are deeper undercurrents surrounding the Church attacks. But first, some facts are in order. It was made out by the media that the attacks occurred only in and around Mangalore, which is blatantly false. Violence occurred in Mangalore, Udupi, and Chickmagalur districts. In other words, in an area spanning about 200 km. What is interesting is that apart from Mangalore, the other two districts have traditionally been the bastions of Hinduism: Udupi, which has been home to some famous seers belonging to Madhavacharya's sect, and Chickmagalur, which houses the Shankaracharya of Sringeri.

Mangalore's sizable Christian population owes to history when several Jesuits camped there in the 19th Century, set up educational institutions and began spreading Christianity. This explains why sections of the media selectively focussed on Mangalore as the 'hub' of attacks on Christian places of worship. Chickmagalur, which lies in the heart of the densely-forested Western Ghats , has been a special target for conversions. Over the past decade, an astonishing number of churches, little chapels, and other Christian worship-places have sprouted and are growing. That is but part of the problem.

The adage that there's no smoke without fire is worth revisiting here. Popular media accounts narrate that these attacks were unprovoked. But reports from the ground, which have now begun to come in, show that an evangelist organisation called New Life (or New Life Fellowship Trust) began an aggressive conversion campaign by circulating literature Satya Darshani that denigrated Hindu gods and goddesses.

Hence the 'advisory mission' to Karnataka under the pretence of safeguarding the interests of Christians. Destabilising the BJP Government in Karnataka or dismissing it by misusing Article 355 or 356 may yield short-term benefits to the Congress. Without doubt, it will earn the wrath of the people of the State who have lived with instability for almost six years. More dangerously, in the long run, the Congress will have to pay dearly for playing with the fire of communalism.

(source: Burden of the cross - By Sandeep B - Op-ed September 29 2008). 

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Conversions are Religious Intolerance 
The Church assumes an air of injured innocence?  

The conversion of even an individual causes grave disruption. His family is torn apart. Tensions erupt in the community. The individual is led to not just repudiate but to denounce gods and rituals in which he has grown up, to do things which are forbidden in his original religion or community. 

Swami Vivekananda wrote that discord and animosities would result by conversion.     

"Every man going out of the Hindu pale is not only a man less, but an enemy the more."

(source: Harvesting Our Souls - Missionaries, their design, their claims - By Arun Shourie  p. 1 - 3). Refer to Project Joshua and

In the Forties, when Christian missionaries were active in China, this denationalization process was summed up in the line,

 “One more Christian, one less Chinese.”


Global Evangelism plans: The main target - India
Targeting the Tribals

Mark Twain (1835-1910) also known as Samuel Clemens, one of the most widely loved and celebrated American writers since his first books were released in the late 1860s. Many of his writings have reached the pinnacles of American and world literature, including the timeless Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court and Following the Equator. Besides these easily recognizable classics, Twain wrote fascinating Travelogue detailing his experiences in Asia.

"You believe in a book (the Bible) that has talking animals, wizards, witches, demons, sticks turning into snakes, burning bushes, food falling from the sky, people walking on water, and all sorts of magical, absurd and primitive stories, and you say we are the ones that need help?"


"Evangelical Christianity, born in England and nurtured in the United States , is leaving home."

                    -  Paul Nussbaum, author of Evangelical Christianity shifting outside West - Philadelphia Inquirer  Feb 20, 2006. 


"The world would be a much safer, happier place if Christians were to convert themselves to Christianity. Minus its superstitions and minus the mafia-like activities of the Vatican, Christianity is a beautiful religion. We could then bid goodbye to a lot of evils: from colonialism to neo-colonialism to consumerism, from Inquisitions to conversions to the Holocaust to India 's partition, from Hiroshima and Nagasaki to Vietnam , Iraq , Kosovo and East Timor ."

                                                   -  Sultan Shahin author of Harvesting Asian souls

In Mayurbhanj, again in Orissa, World Vision regularly organises spiritual development programmes as part of its ADP package. The WV report says: "Opposition to Christian workers and organisations flares up occasionally in this area, generally from those with vested interests in tribal people remaining illiterate and powerless. WV supports local churches by organising leadership courses for pastors and church leaders."

WV India is active in Bhil tribal areas and openly admits its evangelical intentions: "The Bhil people worship ancestral spirits but also celebrate all the Hindu festivals. Their superstitions about evil spirits make them suspicious of change, which hinders community development. ADP staff live among the Bhil people they work with, gaining the villagers' trust and showing their Christian love for the people by their actions and commitment."

This being the case it is not suprising that WV India was honoured with the 2003 Mahatma Gandhi Award for Social Justice. This award is hosted by the All India Christian Council. Incidentally, Joseph D'Souza who was AICC's President during that year also heads an evangelical network, Operation Mobilisation, in India. OM, again, is an American TMO. It was founded by Georg Verwer and today is a global ministry "committed to working in partnership with churches and other Christian organisations for the purpose of World mission."

Christian NGOs in India

Since the USAID funds Christian NGOs in India and also since US trans-national Chrisitian NGOs like World Vision and CARE are heavily involved in development initiatives in India, their role in evangelical activities is not a matter of conjecture. It is, of course, another matter that USAID plays a vital role in intelligence gathering operations for the CIA. President John F Kennedy had established USAID, along with the Peace Corps and the Alliance for Progress, "all three designed in part to stem the spread of communism." The link between the CIA and Christian missionary groups is USAID. In fact, CIA-supported missionaries were embroiled in counter-insurgency operations, civil wars and were more often than not conduits for arms and armaments for Christian insurgent groups all over the world.  


Imperial Arrogance and interference in India's internal affairs.



Felice Gaer, Chair of Commission on International Religious Freedom and President George W Bush.

Arrogant Interference from the Vatican, Italian and American Government in internal matters of India?

America: A nation that was founded on genocide and then built on the backs of slaves, wants to sermonize India?

Insulting India: A country which rained death and destruction on Iraq by flaunting a tissue of lies, indulged in unspeakable atrocities in Abu Ghraib and for the last eight years, is keeping Muslim detainees in Guantanamo Bay without trial and treating them as worse than vermin, denies visa to Narendra Modi to the resounding applause of self-styled secularists who do not realise the egregious nature of the insult to the entire nation.

Under President George Bush's fundamentalist Christian government, the era of CIA-USAID-Evangelicals partnership has come back with a roar.  What has angered Hindu opinion is the manner in which Hindu deities and objects of reverence are defamed and defiled by those propagating the supremacy of Christianity. Such abusive literature has been distributed by missionaries in other States with unhappy results. Sadly, the Catholic Church, which claims to follow the strait and the narrow in matters of conversion, has shown no interest in denouncing the falsification of Hindu gods and goddesses and their wilful defilement by missionaries funded by groups in Europe and the US.  

In the Forties, when Christian missionaries were active in China, this denationalization process was summed up in the line,  “One more Christian, one less Chinese.”

Hindu Nationalism is a threat to Christian Evangelism and Islamic Jehad.

Refer to Chinese communist turn Christians -Stunning growth of Christianity in China - Refer to Project Joshua and Discuss religious freedom with Dr Singh, Bush told and Wanted: A balanced approach. Refer to Bush-sponsored Evangelisation of India -I  - By V Sundaram. Refer to Bush-sponsored Evangelisation of India -II – By V Sundaram. Refer to Bush-sponsored Evangelisation of India -III – By V Sundaram  


Under President George Bush's fundamentalist Christian government, the era of CIA-USAID-Evangelicals partnership has come back with a roar. And given the fact that Bush administration officials regularly hold consultations with Church groups and leaders, it is not surprising that American evangelical missions have found a deep reservoir of support with the US government for their activities in India and elsewhere.

(source: Preparing for the harvest .  - By  Refer to Who are the British creationists?  - BBC  

Project Joshua and secularism?
Converting with Military Precision

Evangelists are protected by people in power, like George Bush in the United States. Bush is an honest man. He claims to be a born-again Christian and not a secularist. As late as January 29, 2001 Bush apparently took a faith-based policy decision and established an office for an organisation called Project Joshua whose official mission was conversion in India. According to reports, the office was opened in the White House and was headed by a man called Jim Howey who is believed to have been legal counsel to Mother Teresa in the 1980s. In an article by one Debdas Thakur in The New Indian Express (September 10), a plan was prepared for conversion “with military precision”. According to him “all ethnographic information about India’s every nook and corner was made available in the US at the click of a mouse through transnational missionary organisation (TMOs)”.

(source: Project Joshua and secularism? - By M V Kamath -   


Setting right Thampu’s Skewed Perception of the Conversion Problem - By Hilda Raja
The minority in India is today more powerful than the majority because of its vote bank leverage

The violent, thundering and crusading fanatic Christian groups think that it is their mission--to convert--the goal justifies the means. They confuse the beliefs of the Hindus, denigrate and abuse their gods, indoctrinate them that they are doomed. Those who evangelize have a well funded kitty which is correlated with the number of people converted. They make the vulnerable poor look to them for help--called development in return they should be prepared to accept their god. These evangelists can be compared to the politicians who offer freebies for the votes, the people are deceived--because they sell their ‘birthright’ for may be a color TV.

In Clash of conversions Valson Thampu (Indian Express 23rd Oct) has put in black and white his skewed perception of the conversion problem. 

It goes to prove that no matter how high and educated one is, the Christian mindset is warped when it comes to the question of conversion. His first premise is on ‘force, fraud and allurement. His contention is that a 2.18 percent of Christians cannot use force to convert anyone. 

He furthers his illogic by saying that it is the other way--meaning that it is the majority which uses force against the minority to convert/reconvert. The author has no proof for this but history is the proof that it is the minority which used forced to convert. Again the present scenario in India it is the Minority community which is involved in violence against the ordinary citizens who are about their daily business. Hence his stand that force is against the minority stands demolished. Force does not depend on muscle power /physical strength. A one man force was able to drive the British from India . Coming to numbers--the minority in India is today more powerful than the majority because of its vote bank leverage.

Hindus are a minority globally and hence they do not have global power. The globally power to bargain, to threaten and to hold to ransom is with the Christians and the Muslims. But when it comes to conversion the author selectively states that a few individuals and segments among the Christians and Muslims try to convert. In this context he tones down the whole conversion business as ‘efforts of a few individuals and segments of Christians and Muslims’ and they only ‘try’ to convert. Reconversion –yes, if there is conversion why not a reconversion. Stop conversion then the need to reconvert will disappear. A return to the former mother religion is different from making them throw away what they were born in and making them alien to their own culture.

What has Valson Thampu to say to the Islamic countries where no worship of other religions is allowed? Mr Valson Thampu as a principal of a minority college cannot and should not delink the past and the present. What did the Dutch, the French, the Portuguese do in India ? Did the East India Company stop with trade or pushed itself to conquer and subjugate this country. Did it stop with that or extend its pursuit into converting the ‘infidels’ and justified the demolishing of temples and using torture to forcefully convert the poor and oppressed people? Are torture and the Inquisition the weapons the Hindus used or do these form part of the legacy of the Christian parampara? This is not confined to India alone what happened in Africa --first the conquest then the Bible followed with it came the pauperization of the Africans. Christianity is soaked in blood so too the Islam religion. But today both state that there is only brotherhood and love which their respective religions stand for.

(source: Setting right Thampu’s Skewed Perception of the Conversion Problem - By Dr Hilda Raja). Dr. Mrs. Hilda Raja is a Retired Professor of Social Science from " Stella Maris College " (a Minority managed Catholic college) in Chennai. She regularly writes Letters to the Editors and occasionally writes Columns too. Apart from being a practicing Catholic Christian, she is a true nationalist, who values the cultural heritage of this great country and respects the Hindu tradition too.  

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Harvesting Asian souls

The methods may have changed, but the ends remain the same.

Indologist Koenraad Elst (1959 -) Dutch historian, born in Leuven, Belgium, on 7 August 1959, into a Flemish (i.e. Dutch-speaking Belgian) Catholic family. He graduated in Philosophy, Chinese Studies and Indo-Iranian Studies at the Catholic University of Leuven. He is the author of several books including The Saffron Swastika, Decolonising The Hindu Mind - Ideological Development of Hindu Revivalism and Negationism in India: Concealilng the Record of Islam. He has pointed out:  

"Hindu Society has been suffering a sustained attack from Islam since the 7th century, from Christianity since the 15th century, and this century also from Marxism. The avowed objective of each of these three world-conquering movements, with their massive resources, is the replacement of Hinduism by their own ideology, or in effect: the destruction of Hinduism. 

This concern is not at all paranoid (as the spokespersons of these aggressors would say), even if the conversion squads are remarkably unsuccessful in India. Consider the situation in Africa: in 1900, 50 % of all Africans practiced Pagan religion; today Christian and Islamic missionaries have reduced this number to less than 10 %. "

That is the kind of threat Hinduism is up against. 

(source: Negationism in India - By Koenraad Elst   p 78 - 79). 

Pope John Paul II’s millennium-eve call to Christian missionaries across Asia for a massive 'harvest' of new converts from the continent has shocked into silence the apologists for Christian missionaries in the country. However, a study of the history of the people who adopted Christianity as their faith and the life and deeds of their 'spiritual' leaders reveals that the Pope's call is in no way surprising.

It is, indeed, quite in keeping with their centuries-old conduct.  A recent study by a Libyan scholar, For Whom The Cross Is Set - By Dr Salem Ibrahim Ben Amer, brings to light gory details of this history not commonly known to us.  The study is entirely based on original works by Christian historians themselves.

The movement to convert Asia and Africa to Christianity is a continuation of what was known in the colonial days as the ‘white man's burden' to civilize these regions.

But what the Christians more appropriately the White Christians of Europe, America and Australia - conveniently forget is that Asian and African nations have a history of civilisation dating back over three thousand years before Christ.

While the Church has made a habit of denouncing other cultures like Hinduism for idolatry and superstition, the Popes themselves introduced several un-Christian and pagan tenets into Christianity. Dr Salem Ben Amer’s For Whom The Cross Is Set contends that though the Christians say the cross was set for Jesus Christ, in reality it was set ‘long before the birth of Christ and long after him, it goes on and continues to be set.’ Even today, it is set on the people of Asia and Africa

The methods may have changed, but the ends remain the same.

(source: Harvesting Asian souls - By Sultan Shahin The Weekend Observer January 29, 2000). 

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