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Concocting Saints at the Vatican Factory?
After Mother Teresa it is Pope Pius XII

Herbert George H. G. Wells (1866 -1946) historian, a bitter critic of the Roman Catholic Church and author of several books including A Short History of the World and Crux Ansata: An Indictment of the Roman Catholic Church and The Time Machine.

"Why do people go on pretending about this Christianity?" 


Note: Like Americans manufacture history, the Vatican is busy concocting saints from Mother Teresa to Sister Alfonso.

The controversy over the likely canonization of Pope Pius XII heated up again this week, as the first rabbi invited to speak to a Synod of Bishops indirectly criticized the wartime pope, and Pope Benedict XVI three days later responded with a defense. The back-and-forth is only the latest chapter in a long-running debate over whether Pius, who was pope from 1939 to 1958, did enough to help victims of the Holocaust.


Cardinal Secretary of State, Eugenio Pacelli (later to become Pope Pius XII) signs the Concordat between Nazi Germany and the Vatican at a formal ceremony in Rome on 20 July 1933. Nazi Vice-Chancellor Franz von Papen sits at the left, Pacelli in the middle.

The Concordat effectively legitimized Hitler and the Nazi government to the eyes of Catholicism, Christianity, and the world.

Refer to Under His Very Windows: The Vatican and the Holocaust in Italy by Susan Zuccotti

Pope Pius XII has often been criticized for his silence during the extermination of European Jewry during World War II. In his defense, some have alleged that the pope was doing a great deal to help the Jews but that his efforts were necessarily behind the scenes. This meticulously researched and balanced book examines exactly what the pope, his advisers, and his assistants at the Vatican Secretariat of State did to help the Jews of Italy . It finds that they did very little.

Refer to Catholicism Unveiled: What Hides Behind the Public Image? - By Mary Ann Collins and Another Side of Catholicism - By Mary Ann Collins.  Refer to The Greatest Sins of Pius XII & The Genocide of Orthodox Christians - By Dr. Jonathan Levy


The flap began Monday, when, according to an account by John L. Allen Jr. in the National Catholic Reporter, the Chief Rabbi of Haifa, Shear-Yashuv Cohen, said 

"We cannot forget the sad and painful fact of how many, including great religious leaders, didn’t raise a voice in the effort to save our brethren, but chose to keep silent and help secretly...We cannot forgive and forget, and we hope you understand our pain, our sorrow” ...

Refer to Former Catholic Sister Says Even Mother Teresa Is a Fraud - By Greg Szymanski June 6, 2007 and  Mother Teresa: Beyond the Image - By Anne Sebba. Refer to Why Mother Teresa should Not be a saint - By Christopher Hitchens - and Mother Teresa The Final Verdict - By Aroup Chatterjee and On Mother Teresa - By Atanu Dey

The unholy legacy of Pius XII

The man who presided over the Vatican during the war stands accused of turning a blind eye to the Holocaust. The "Pius Wars" that have long raged over the Vatican's desire to declare Pope Pius XII a saint flared up again over the weekend when the Jesuit priest in charge of the canonisation process declared that Pope Benedict XVI could not visit Israel until a disputed panel in Jerusalem's Holocaust museum, which refers disparagingly to Pius, is removed. His claim to sainthood was opened by Pope Paul VI, "with the same sort of urgency and certainty", the Vatican journalist Robert Mickens said yesterday, "as when John Paul II opened the case for Mother Teresa".

(source: The unholy legacy of Pius XII - Refer to The Goa Inquistion.  


India 's English Media glorifies Nazi church!

The World Council of Churches (WCC) recently received favorable coverage in a section of India 's English media which hailed it as a liberal Christian organization that opposes war and proselytism. Hans Ucko, a head of the WCC, while apparently denouncing conversions through the use of force or inducements, advocated “the mission of God, to which the church as well as people of other religious traditions may be called to participate.” In other words, he preferred conversions by other means.

A primer on the history of the WCC which is closely linked to the Holocaust during which Hitler annihilated six million Jews is in order. The Nazi system was the culmination of 2,000 years of Christian anti-Semitism. As Elie Wiesel, 1986 Nobel Laureate, aptly stated, “the Nazi system did not arise in a void but had its roots deep in a tradition that prophesied it, prepared for it, and brought it to maturity. That tradition was inseparable from the past of Christian, civilized Europe .” The New Testament alone, as Professor Norman Beck has shown, has 450 anti-Semitic verses. Jesus himself ushered in religious anti-Semitism when he infamously called the Jews “a brood of vipers” and “the children of the Devil.” In a milieu where Christianity gained political ascendancy, the church expanded this false stereotyping with an arsenal of anti-Semitic rhetoric and declared all generations of Jews sinful. This resulted in centuries of persecution, ghettoization, and Inquisition of the Jews. 

In the 16th century, Martin Luther of the Protestant schism whipped up Christian frenzy by urging his followers to ethnic cleanse and kill the Jews and to burn the Jewish schools and synagogues. Churches of every stripe – Protestant, Evangelical, Russian Orthodox, and Roman Catholic – eagerly participated in the Holocaust when they actively turned the defenseless Jews over to the Nazis or when the clergy themselves massacred the Jews. Some of those murderers such as Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac are being proclaimed saints today.

The media unhesitatingly branded the Hindutva movement fascist even though there has never been any connection between Hindutva and the Nazis, and when in fact Hindutva groups have been ardent supporters of the Jews and Israel just as Hindus have always been the only defenders of the Jews throughout the entire Jewish history. Why would the same media hail a Nazi church? Is it merely because the journalists are completely ignorant of the history of the Holocaust? Is there something more sinister?

It is well known that the USA government actively contributes to the evangelization of India under the guise of faith based initiative. Christian churches have collectively launched Project Joshua, and have devised pin code-wise tactics to convert all Indians to Christianity. Government reports show that the USA channeled at least 2,500 crore rupees into India in 2005-2006 alone through Christian missionary organizations. A substantial part of this funding is controlled by powerful groups such as World Vision which are partners of the Nazi church WCC.

The favorable coverage accorded the WCC is paralleled by the positive coverage Worldvision receives in India 's English media. This usually translates into more funding for these organizations from the MNCs as well as Indian corporate houses, most of whom might be unaware of WCC's Nazi past. It is also paralleled by the organized campaigns of the church to ban the Da Vinci Code and more recently to suppress the telecast of the documentary on the most exciting archaeological discovery, The Lost Tomb of Jesus.

Have some journalists abandoned all ethics to turn themselves into propagandists for Nazi church? Is it merely a coincidence that the evangelical groups increasingly control India 's English media while Nazi churches receive favorable coverage and archaeological discoveries that militate against Christian claims are hushed up?

India's English media glorifies Nazi church! - By Kalavai Venkat -


Paulos Mar Gregorios  (1922- 1996) who was the Metropolitan of the Syrian Orthodox Church in Delhi. He was a man of much substance. In addition to his religious qualifications he was a distinguished scholar. At one time he was the President of the Indian Philosophical Congress. He was also for some time the President of the World Council of [Christian] Churches. He had remarked that:

“Every Indian Christian is considered to be a second class Christian in the Vatican” 

Metropolitan Gregorios asked the Pope John Paul II what he thought was the reason for such a small percentage of Indians having converted to Christianity although it had been in India for so long. The Pope said to him the reason was that the Indian mind was not developed enough to understand the subtlety of thought of St. Gregory of Nyssa or of St. Thomas Aquinas. Somewhat taken aback Metropolitan Gregorios asked the Pope if he had read Shankara or Nagarjuna. He was immediately shown out of the room where the audience was taking place. 

I found the incident merely amusing because I did not find this surprising at all, but he had been much saddened by it, for the issue was more personal for him. As he said, he realized for the first time and first hand that every Indian Christian is considered to be a second class Christian in the Vatican. This was even more galling for him because he belonged to a branch of Christianity as ancient as any.

It illustrates that the Eurocentricism, and the associated sense of superiority of the European races and culture, which has very much coloured Christian doctrine, does not seem to have yet suffered the fact of the shift in religious demographics.

(source: What Calls You, Pilgrim? - By Ravi Ravindra -  


Vatican's Sainted Alphonso: Christianity's carrots for India?

Comments on the blog:

A Pole was elected Pope, he worked closely with Lech Walesa and the Soviet Union was gone. South Korea is rapidly Christianizing and we get a South Korean as UN Sec-General. Leaving her own war-torn country behind and not caring for her own troubled people, Mother Teresa comes to India for charity and gets to become saint. 

Kerala is exporting the largest numbers of Christian priests, nuns and nurses around the world and so Kerala gets a Christian saint and India gets its second. This bodes ill for what these white Christians intend for India . And don’t forget the Magsaysay’s and Nobel’s that are given as smaller carrots. It is not enough to earn sainthood with hard work in religious conversion of heathens but you must also prove you are capable of a miracle after you are dead. This lady from Kerala is supposed to have cured someone with clubfoot. Someone should go to her with bad teeth. Dentists cost the earth and all dentists are torture chambers. I would gladly give a Kerala woman her sainthood if she can do miracles with someone's teeth and gums. Any takers?

(source: Vatican's Sainted Alphonso: Christianity's carrots for India? - Refer to Sister Alphonsa is a saint now - 

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Not India's first woman saint

Robert Taylor (1784 - 1844) in his book Syntagma of the Evidences of the Christian Religion  p. 32 (1828) wrote:

“If eleven hundred years are justly called the Dark Ages — how can mankind be said to have been enlightened by the Gospel?”

(source: Much Maligned Monsters: A History of European Reactions to Indian Art - By Partha Mitter p. 104 and Ancient Rants). 

Christian church is obsessed with race

It is a white supremacist mindset that claims “Pope Benedict XVI has created India ’s first woman saint”. Sister Alphonsa of the Immaculate Conception is not “ India ’s first woman saint” but the first Christian, or more specifically Catholic, woman saint in India . India has many woman saints belonging to the homegrown faiths. If race consciousness were not so pronounced in the Christian church, especially the Catholic church, she would have been a saint for the entire Catholic world. Similarly, a Catholic saint, even if born in India , is a Catholic saint, not an Indian saint. On the other hand, Swami Vidyanand is white and Bhakti Swami Thirtha Krishnapad is an African American but are revered by all Hindus, regardless of race. There is no talk of white swami or African American swami.

(source: Christian church is obsessed with race - 

Indian Media's Inferiority Complex

Indian media went into a tizzy while covering the canonisation of Sister Alphonsa, an obscure nun, to prove its secular credentials! Indian journalists forget that this country has had other women saints too

As a Frenchman, I was coached right from childhood that logic, what we in France call cartesianism, is the greatest gift given to man and that one should use one's reason to tread in life. Thus, I taught to my students in a Bangalore school of journalism, the SSCMS, that the first tool of a good reporter is to go by his or her own judgement on the ground, with the help of one's first-hand experience -- and not go by second hand information: What your parents thought, what you have read in the newspapers, what your caste, religion, culture pushes you into...

Yet in India, logic does not seem to apply to most of the media, especially when it is anything related to Hindus and Hinduism. One cannot, for instance, equate Muslim terrorists who blow up innocent civilians in market places all over India to angry ordinary Hindus who attack churches without killing anybody. We know that most of these communal incidents often involve persons of the same caste -- Dalits and tribals -- some of them converted to Christianity and some not.

However reprehensible was the destruction of the Babri Masjid, no Muslim was killed in the process. Compare that with the 'vengeance' bombings of 1993 in Mumbai, which killed hundreds of innocent people, mostly Hindus. Yet Indian and Western journalists keep equating the two, or even showing the Babri Masjid destruction as the most horrible act of the two.

How can you compare the Sangh Parivar with the Indian Mujahideen, a deadly terrorist organisation? How can you label Mr Narendra Modi a mass killer when actually it was ordinary middle class, or even Dalit Hindus, who went out into the streets in fury when 56 innocent people, many of them women and children, were burnt in a train? How can you lobby for the lifting of the ban on SIMI, an organisation which is suspected of having planted bombs in many Indian cities, killing hundreds of innocent people, while advocating a ban on the Bajrang Dal, which attacked some churches after an 84-year-old swami and his followers were brutally murdered?

There is no logic in journalism in this country when it applies itself to minorities. Christians are supposedly only two per cent of the population in India , but look how last Sunday many major television channels showed live the canonisation ceremony of Sister Alphonsa, an obscure nun from Kerala and see how Union Minister Oscar Fernandes led an entire Indian delegation to the Vatican along with the Indian Ambassador. 

It would be impossible in England , for instance, which may have a two per cent Hindu minority, to have live coverage of a major Hindu ceremony, like the anointment of a new Shankaracharya. What were the 24x7 news channels, which seem to have deliberately chosen to highlight this non-event, trying to prove? That they are secular? Is this secularism?


Indian media went into a tizzy while covering the canonisation of Sister Alphonsa


Saint Meerabai

 India has never been short of saints. The woman sage from over 3,000 years ago, Maithreyi, Andal, the Tamil saint from early in the first Millennium CE and Akkamahadevi, the 15th century saint from modern-day Karnataka, are but a few examples of women saints in India. What many publications failed to mention in the story is that this is the first woman Christian saint -- not the first Indian woman saint. 

"In India, there were many people who lived like saints, in the Hinduism and other faiths. They are living in the hearts of people, and need no one's certificate. Do you think that Saint Mirabai, Mahatma Gandhi needed any certificate from a religious head?''

This inferiority complex, as expressed by television's live coverage of the canonisation of Sister Alphonsa, is a legacy of the British, who strove to show themselves as superior and Indian culture as inferior (and inheritor of the 'White Aryans', a totally false theory). 

Refer to chapter on Women in Hinduism


The headline of the story " India gets its first woman saint", run by many newspapers, both Indian and Western, is very misleading. For India has never been short of saints. The woman sage from over 3,000 years ago, Maithreyi, Andal, the Tamil saint from early in the first Millennium CE and Akkamahadevi, the 15th century saint from modern-day Karnataka, are but a few examples of women saints in India .  

What many publications failed to mention in the story is that this is the first woman Christian saint -- not the first Indian woman saint. 

This statement is ok, when it comes, for instance, from the BBC, which always looks at India through the Christian prism (BBC ran a few months back an untrue and slanderous documentary on Auroville), but when it comes to the Indian media, it only shows the grave lack of grounding in Indian culture and history of most Indian journalists. As a result, they suffer from an inferiority complex.

This inferiority complex, as expressed by television's live coverage of the canonisation of Sister Alphonsa, is a legacy of the British, who strove to show themselves as superior and Indian culture as inferior (and inheritor of the 'White Aryans', a totally false theory). Is it not time to institute schools of journalism, both private and public, where not only logic will be taught, but where students shall be made aware of Indian history and of the greatness of Indian culture, so that when they go out to report, they will use their own judgement and become Indian journalists, with a little bit of feeling, pride and love for their own country?

(source: Not India 's first woman saint - By Francois Gautier - October 16, 2008). Refer to Holy row over India 's first woman saint - By K S Hari Kumar - Refer to The Hindu Rate Of WrathBy Francois Gautier - National/Opinion November 10 2008). Refer to After Haj, it is Christian pilgrimage - Visit Francois Gautier website. Refer to The disadvantaged Hindus, pampered Minorities - By R K Ohri. Refer to Vatican- Excommunication for female priests - The Vatican insisted Friday that it is properly following Christian tradition by excluding females from the priesthood as it issued a new warning that women taking part in ordinations will be excommunicated.

Christian Saints for Sale

Idiosyncratic background of St Alphonsa

Annakutty alias Sr. Alphonsa became an orphan at a tender age. She lived under the nominal care of relatives until she entered the convent. In 1946, she died at the age of 36 years, after 20 years nun life within the four walls of the convent at Bharananganam, near Kottayam. At the age of 13 years, she had attempted to suicide.According to the Church, her abortive attempt at suicide was to register her objection to marriage proposals brought by her guardians. Those aware of Kerala Christian family relations and the position of girl children in the pre-1960s could not believe this story. The truth is that girl children became dearer to Christian families from the 1960s with the emergence of nursing as a lucrative profession. 

Even today, economically poor Catholic Christians of Kerala are using the profession of nun-hood as a shortcut to evade the liability of unbearable dowry. The choice of nun-hood is the last option of poverty-stricken Catholic families. If the girl child is not fit to get any job, parents find nun-hood as an alternative to dowry. No one can deny this bald truth. From this reality one can envisage the true cause of Annakutty’s [Alphonsa’s] suicide. Whatever the secret behind her convent entry, her 20-year tenure in the convent was a miserable one. The authorities hated and ignored her; she didn’t even get decent accommodation. She was not provided with a coat, but slept on a mat made of pandanus leaf spread on the floor. Possibly her guardians didn’t paid sufficient alimony to the convent. The bedridden and rejected Sr. Alphonsa died due to paucity of proper treatment. The convent where she lodged had 88 nuns at the time of her death, but only ten nuns attended the funeral. This is the necessary number to carry the coffin to the burial ground.  Today, one who visits this convent can see a luxurious apartment attributed to Sr. Alphonsa as the quarters of her 20-year nun-hood! Don’t worry, this is an age of globalization and market economy, hence it is indispensable to have a good showroom for marketing a product. Sr. Alphonsa and her saint-hood is a product to be marketed to mint money. 

Psychopath of frustrated nuns 

Not only Sr. Alphonsa, others in the convent were equally ill-fated. The reaction of such lesser nuns poured out as psychopathy. Such nuns exalted Sr. Alphonsa with stories of miracles; the greedy church made it an opportunity of encashment. Thus Sr. Alphonsa came into the limelight; several miracles were attributed to her. The Vatican started the beatification process on the basis of the news of a miraculous cure of a clubbed foot with her intervention. Her contribution to society was zero because of her ever-deteriorating health. Her attempted suicide made her cripple-footed. The paradox is that while she failed to cure her own foot, her divine intervention cures others. The psychopathy of browbeaten nuns became a blessing in disguise to the church in monetary terms.   

Encashment of Virtuous Hindu psyche

For whom was Sr. Alphonsa raised to sainthood? Of the 60,57,427 [as per 2001 Census] Kerala Christians, only 40% [24,22,970] believe in the Catholic way of using saints as intermediaries between God and man. Other Christians pray to God without intermediaries. Thus the target group of the Church is 1,76,94,062 virtuous Hindus who bow before all gods. The success story of Sr. Alphonsa strengthened Vatican Kerala ties. To the Vatican , Kerala became a secured recruiting place for clergy and nuns. And to the Kerala Church , liberal Hindu offerings before St. Alphonsa became a lucrative resource.

(source: Christian Saints for Sale - By C I Isaac -

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Papal disinformation:  Benedict XVI has insulted every Indian  

Peter de Rosa wrote in Vicars of Christ p 48:

"Popes maimed & were maimed, killed & were killed... Without question, these pontiffs constitute the most despicable body of leaders, clerical or lay, in history. They were, frankly, barbarians. Ancient Rome had nothing to rival them in rottenness."

Jan Hus (1372 - 1415) was a Czech religious thinker, philosopher, reformer, and master at Charles University in Prague . The Roman Catholic Church considered the teachings of John Hus heretical; consequently Hus was excommunicated in 1411, condemned by the Council of Constance, and burned at the stake in 1415.


Devils Advocate  

As a part of its time tested localisation strategy ,Church Inc narrows down on an obscure nun from Kerala who is alleged to have performed medically certified "miracles" and Ratzinger wastes no time in canonising her as " Saint Alphonsamma". It would not be difficult to argue that this is a token gesture in recognition of enormous number of low cost religious foot soldiers that Church Inc has been able to recruit from the central districts of Kerala especially in the context of human resource crisis that its faces in the Christian bastion of Europe.

The fanatical followers of imperialist political ideologies aka Abrahamic religions are completely entitled to believe in evidently manifest irrationalities likes "Miracle" ,"Sainthood", "Immaculate Conception" but what was despicable was the way in which the self-professed secular mainstream media in India converted this purely private Vatican religious fantasy in to one of those now customary "India Shining " kind of campaigns that we are often bombarded. (Refer to Mother Teresa The Final Verdict - By Aroup Chatterjee

Even more more shocking was seeing the journalist in NDTV/CNN blatantly declaring, without even an iota of skepticism, that alleged "miracles" of Alphonsa were medically verified .All norms of journalistic proprietary was thrown to winds and channels were doubling up as Christian Mouthpieces. A viewer would not be faulted if they believed that it was a gospel broadcasting channel that they were watching rather than a news channel. That Christist have infiltrated media is clearly evident now -the out rightly biased coverage of the recent attacks on "Churches" was one clear demonstration of this. It should come as no surprise if rags like TOI (Times of India) have sold space to Church groups to propagate their victim hood tales.

One vividly remembers that when millions of gullible Indians sincerely believed that Lord Ganesha was drinking milk, the Mainstream media rightfully assembled few eminent scientist in the studio who clearly explained the scientific rationale for that observed phenomenon. But on today's occasion of canonisation of Alphonsa, one could hardly find sceptics/rationalist being invited to the studio to expose the Vatican tricksters and charlatans who manufacture blatant falsehoods like "sainthood" ,"miracle" etc and deceive the masses. 

Another aspect of the Indian mindset that this chest thumping and breast beating over the canonisation reflects is the continued servitiude to the erstwhile imperialist and yearning to be rewarded and recognised by the "Whiteman". I don’t see much hope here.

And about the Indian state, lesser said the better. A huge contingent of Christian Politicians are in Rome on a government sponsored junket to witness this ceremony with Oscar Fernandes predictably getting the honor of leading it ,in stellar recognition of his role for maintaining peace and harmony in Mangalore.

India desperately needs its own version of Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris.

(source: Devils Advocate  ). Refer to Missionary Position - By Christopher Hitchens 

In using the solemn and sacred occasion on Sunday, October 12, of the canonisation of Sister Alphonsa, the first Indian-born Catholic saint, to make gratuitous and exaggerated remarks about the condition of Christians in India, Pope Benedict XVI has done himself and his high office a huge disservice. Most of all he has hurt the sentiments of millions of Indian Christians who live here as equal citizens with full constitutional guarantees and don’t need a foreign religious leader, especially one who doubles as a temporal head of state, to seek guarantees on their behalf.  

Refer to Christian Saints for Sale - By C I Isaac -

Making sweeping generalisations, refusing to understand the context and nuances of the situation in Karnataka and Orissa, the Pope has presented a one-sided picture of a ‘hapless’ minority being persecuted by a ‘dominant’ Hindu majority. From the Inquisition to the hounding of Galileo — a scientist whose incarceration and humiliation, solely because he said the Earth moved around the Sun and not the other way round, Benedict XVI has justified even recently — the Catholic Church’s hierarchy understands the establishment-dissent equation only in black and white terms.


Does the Pope justify and support hate-filled Evangelist literature that denigrates Hindu gods and goddesses and abuses nativist spiritual traditions?



The Pope has presented a one-sided picture of a ‘hapless’ minority being persecuted by a ‘dominant’ Hindu majority. 

Does the Pope justify and support hate-filled evangelist literature that denigrates Hindu gods and goddesses and abuses nativist spiritual traditions? 

This remains the crux of the crisis in Karnataka. The Pope and his close followers, remember, criticised the Da Vinci Code and wanted it banned for hurting Christian sentiments. Are Hindu sentiments, on the other hand, fair game?

Refer to The Goa Inquisition and Inquisition of Goa: Atrocities on Hindus by missionaries in Goa - By V Sundaram.


As such, the Pope has taken his pre-conceived notions and decided to impose them upon India . There is no question that some Hindu activists have gone over the top, are guilty of terrible violence, and need to be punished. Yet, is the issue of induced and fraudulent conversions — of Christian pastors buying up market share — not one that exercises the Vatican

Does the Pope justify and support hate-filled evangelist literature that denigrates Hindu gods and goddesses and abuses nativist spiritual traditions? This remains the crux of the crisis in Karnataka. The Pope and his close followers, remember, criticised the Da Vinci Code and wanted it banned for hurting Christian sentiments. Are Hindu sentiments, on the other hand, fair game?

Not every conflict in the world is impelled by just religious difference. That simplistic and highly flawed correlation is only made by such minds as Osama bin Laden. The Pope, surely, must see things with greater intellectual sophistication. In Orissa, the ethnic conflict between an aboriginal tribal group and a ‘lower caste’ group pre-existed their formal categorisation as Hindu and Christian.
In Assam , to cite an instance the Pope may never have heard of, the battle between Bodos and Bangladeshi settlers is at one level a clash between a locally-rooted community and recent immigrants; at another level, it is a tussle between Christians (the religion of the organised Bodo leadership) and Muslims. Does the Pope now expect the King of Saudi Arabia, as Protector of the Holy Mosque, to write to him, as head of the Vatican , to get Bodo Christians to stop fighting with Assamese residents of Bangladeshi origin?

The most disappointing has been the response of the Indian Catholic clergy, which has completely let down the laity. It is content saying one thing to political parties in private, another to the media in public, and is glad to live off the borrowed publicity —- or notoriety — of Benedict XVI’s unfortunate remarks. As for the Pope himself, he began his reign speaking of Christian values being fundamental to European civilisation and identity. Yet, it is increasingly apparent he is not willing to use those parameters to define other civilisations, certainly not to appreciate the centrality of Hinduism to the Indic civilisation. India cannot help feeling let down.

Papal disinformation: Benedict XVI has insulted every Indian -  - Edit page Wednesday, October 15, 2008).

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