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Con artists: Catholic priest in saffron robe called 'Isai Baba'

Dressed in saffron robe and sporting long hair, he comes across as a sadhu but what differentiates him from others is the fact that Aji Sebastian is a Catholic priest and has donned this look to promote the "Indian Christian identity."

A pass-out of the CMC Seminary, Sebastian, who hails from Kerala, has now become an Ayurvedic medic, yoga instructor and teacher for the Fazirpur Kadia village in Faridabad district of Haryana. Known as the 'Isai Baba' (Christian sadhu), he says, "The saffron dress helps me to connect with people easily as they regard me as a religious person after seeing my robe.”

(source: Catholic priest in saffron robe called 'Isai Baba' -


Evangelizing the Sikhs of Punjab

Holding fierce pride in their identity, Sikhs have for decades been seen as “off-limits” by the missionary machine but not anymore. In a alarming trend, evangelism has begun to tread on the Sikh faith as well. 

Every aspect of Punjabi society is being overwhelmed with this new wave of assertive Christianity. 

Besides nationwide programs in Hindi, Punjabi television channels have been deluged by Christian programs even though the Christian population of Punjab is less than 1%. Taking aim at Sikh youth, animated films and children’s books on Christianity are freely distributed by missionaries.

Because of the strong adherence to tradition by Sikhs, missionaries have attempted to repackage Christianity. Jesus is called “Satguru”, church is referred to as “Satsang” and choir singing is called “Kirtan”. Choir boys in Punjabi churches wear turbans to attempt to minimize the variation between Sikhism and Christianity. 

However, despite these attempts to disguise Christianity as a version of Sikhism, missionaries still cannot hide their intent: to destroy the Sikh faith. Gurbachan Singh Bachan, former Secretary of the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee and a proud Sikh, says "People who are converting from Hinduism and Sikhism to Christianity are those who have lost understanding of their own religion…


Christian Evangelists, NGOs and INGOs hate anyone or anything being nationalistic.



Guru Nanak and Golden Temple.

Every aspect of Punjabi society is being overwhelmed with this new wave of assertive Christianity. Meanwhile, Christian media painted this incident as an example of “Christian persecution.”  


Such provocative evangelism in Punjab does not always go unnoticed by the local community. The Open Door Church run by Pastor Harbhajan Singh, a landlord who converted to Christianity from Sikhism, has aggressively converted over 2,800 members of the Khojewala village community. In February of 2004, Singh made derogatory remarks against several Sikh gurus including Guru Granth Sahib. This led to several protests by Sikh youths in front Singh’s church in the. The conflict was ultimately resolved by police intervention and an unconditional apology by Harbhajan Singh.

Meanwhile, Christian media painted this incident as an example of “Christian persecution.”

Evangelizing the Sikhs of Punjab -  

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Christian Buddhist tension in South Korea
Lessons for India's Jains, Buddhist, Hindus and Sikhs.

Christianity's Divine Insanity: God killed himself on the cross to save his own creation from his own wrath. One God, father-son-ghost?   - A bumper sticker


At Jogye Temple, normally an island of Buddhist serenity, plainclothes officers have staked out the exits, waiting to grab any fugitives who venture out. Camped out on the temple grounds are the leaders of fierce anti-government protests who have been charged with instigating violence. They have come to the temple seeking political sanctuary, not spiritual uplift. One top government official has branded them "Satans."

As a gong echoes through the neighborhood of office towers in central Seoul , afternoon worshipers arriving at the temple - home to the largest Buddhist order in South Korea - walk below a canopy of 6,200 lotus-shaped lanterns. The lanterns are arranged by color to spell the English word "OUT" - a highly unusual rebuke to President Lee Myung Bak from the country's once-docile and normally apolitical Buddhists.


Buddhism Under Siege in South Korea

Christianity creating havoc to Native Traditions and Culture of South Korea.

Lessons for Hindus



The Jogye temple  and Buddha statues in the Seoul, South Korea. 

Religious peace in our country is being threatened by those who dream of turning it into a medieval Christian kingdom through a church elder-president.

South Korea was after World War II nearly all Buddhist. It became the special focus of Christian missionary activities for the next several decades, with great success. It is a success story that missionaries hope to repeat in other countries, specifically India . A notable one was the visit of Pope John Paul II to Korea during Buddha's birthday, a visit which served to disrupt the ancient celebration. Another example is an official Korean textbook stating in 1984 that Buddhism is a "fading religion." 

Refer to Buddhism under Siege in Korea and Many examples are of attacks against Buddhist monasteries and places of worship.   


"Religious peace in our country is being threatened by those who dream of turning it into a medieval Christian kingdom through a church elder-president," said Park Jeong Kyu, a spokesman for the Jogye Order.

Lee, 66, is an elder at a Presbyterian church in Seoul. Since his election last December, Buddhists have voiced a rising alarm over the country's conservative Protestant churches. These churches support Lee, but they also have irritated many Koreans - not just Buddhists - with their assertive proselytizing and alleged disregard for other faiths. In August, tens of thousands of Buddhist monks and lay people marched in central Seoul , accusing Lee and his government of discriminating against Buddhists and favoring Protestants. Buddhists complain that of the 16 members of Lee's cabinet, 13 are Christians while only one is a Buddhist.

Christian Evangelists, NGOs and INGOs hate anyone or anything being nationalistic.



Sonia Gandhi, a devout Italian Catholic who is surrounded by Indian Christians (Margaret Alva, CM Rajashekara Reddy & co). Ms. Sonia Gandhi has taken care to see that there is not a single Muslim or Sikh in her personal SPG protection. This was brought out in a story in Outlook a year ago.  

Why is it that Sonia Gandhi remained silent in the face of the on-going anti-Christian agitation rocking India —she cannot afford to answer questions about her religious affiliations. But as someone who spares no opportunity to malign organisations defending Hindu culture and civilisation, Smt Gandhi must be asked to publicly explain her position on conversions, especially as prominent Christians are spreading the canard that the Constitution grants the right to convert. It does not.

Protestant Lee Myung-bak of Korea has 13 Christians in his cabinet and only one is Buddhist. Using the government as a proselytizing tool. Conversion meant much more than mere change of mode of worship. It cut at the root of their cultural identity. That is why 150,000 South Koreans took to streets last month protesting rising conversions and increasing influence of Christianity. Today the South Korean Buddhists are up in arms against their Government for promoting Christianity aggressively because they find Christianity as destroying their homes and families.

"They (Christians) don't respect or recognize other religions."


In the spotlight of the dispute is Lee, who once outraged Buddhists by vowing, when he was mayor of Seoul , to "consecrate" the capital to the Christian God.  In August, a prominent Protestant minister was invited to say the prayer at a lunch Lee hosted for the U.S. president, George W. Bush, at the presidential Blue House. Buddhists seized on these and similar episodes to accuse Lee and Protestant churches of "using the government as a proselytizing tool."

Buddhism is 1,600 years old in Korea, but it has lost ground, first to Catholicism and then to Protestant denominations. Protestantism arrived here with American missionaries only a century ago but has expanded in the past several decades.

"They (Christians) don't respect or recognize other religions."

Seoul is home to 11 of the world's 12 largest Christian congregations. Yoido Full Gospel Church, whose chief minister recited the prayer at the Lee-Bush lunch, boasts 800,000 members. Protestant churches stage all-night prayer marathons. Their evangelical zeal made news last year, when 23 Presbyterians were kidnapped in Afghanistan by the Taliban and two of them were murdered. The Buddhist furor escalated in recent weeks as videos circulated on the Internet showing zealous Protestant preachers, one of whom led his congregation in shouts for the "collapse of Buddhist temples." In another clip, a leading preacher, Jang Kyong Dong, says: "Buddhist monks are wasting their time. They should convert to Jesus. Is there any Buddhist country in the world that is rich?"

(source: Christian Buddhist tension in South Korea - Refer to chapter on European Imperialism  


How Norway Funds Terror in India and Sri Lanka

Norway is a rabidly evangelical country that is acting as a poodle of the US and allying its international activities with it. Norway is acting as the new Crusader of the Cross in South Asia . Its missionaries are majorly active in Maoist-affected tribal areas of India . This is a country that has to be kept at an arms length from India and indeed the whole of Indian Subcontinent. All their liberalism and secularism stops at their own borders. In their foreign policy and international activities, these are nothing but Christian crusaders rolling in the mud of Christian fundamentalism and religious hatred of the pagans.

The following report has been prepared by Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT), an NGO from Norway .  It shows that instead of acting as an honest mediator, Norway is engaged in funding and arming the LTTE. This is no surprise since the LTTE movement has been hijacked by the church through conversion of its top leadership. It is now being used as a cat’s paw against both Hindus and Buddhists of Sri Lanka. No wonder, White Christians are running amock all over the world in support of LTTE and dumping on the Sri Lankan government. They are trying to take over Sri Lanka through the LTTE, just like they have taken over Nepal through the Maoists (whose top leadership is Christian too). 

This two-bit country from Scandanavia has to be taught a lesson. It is trying its ”Christian terrorism” trick in India too through its missionaries. For example, the Naga International Support Centre is hosted on a Norwegian server. Can Indian government cure these crusaders of their evangelical medievalism and stop them from spreading their “love” in India ?

(source: How Norway Funds Terror -

A Tiny Christian minority - The Church is the Second Largest Land owner in India?

India ’s two mighty, internationally-backed minorities are displaying renewed zeal to respectively dominate the physical polity and the cultural-civilisational landscape. The saving grace in the current situation is that the respective crusades against Hindu civilisation are separate and distinct—Muslims quietly withdrew support from Christians after the West stepped up its campaign to demonise Islam, while humiliating Muslims in occupied Muslim lands.

Tens of billions of dollars worth of land in India is owned by the Church, and in Mumbai, the Church is the second largest land owner, the largest being the Indian military. Most of this land was given under land grants by the British to the Church, and by subsequent Indian governments. Such generosity to a minority religion followed by only 2.5% of the Indian population has gone unreported. Given the foreign controlled nexus of the various Churches, this is tantamount to giving billions of dollars to subsidiaries of foreign entities that are engaged in social re-engineering of Indian society. The US government has never contemplated such generosity towards minority religions, especially those controlled from overseas.

(source:  Indian minorities: Exterminatory zeal - By Sandhya Jain and The Axis of Neocolonialism - By Rajiv Malhotra -   

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Asymmetric Evangelism in Polynesia and Kenya
Stripping Natives of their Cultural Identities

Bilinda Straight a cultural anthropologists writes about "Killing God" in the latest volume of Current Anthropology. In this case, the "god" was a Kenyan divinity named Nkai. In 1935, an Anglican missionary, Charles Scudder, fired his gun into the cave where Nkai was believed to reside. Nkai was thought to have been vanquished, and the worship of Nkai ended at that site.

Straight also recounts tales of John Williams, a British missionary to Tahiti and the Society Islands . Williams gathered the sacred relics and "gods" of different communities, then publicly humiliated them in his chapel. 

The "gods" were publicly exposed, hanged, burnt, and possibly shipped back to England as curiosities.

Straight points out that there was a double standard at work in these Christian missions. On one hand, they relied on brute force and sometimes science to demonstrate the invalidity of the religions they opposed. The native gods could not stand up to modern technology, and were therefore defeated. On the other hand, the missionaries simultaneously claimed that their Christian god was above scientific scrutiny.

Christian missionaries of course understood that the Polynesian view of divinity was different than the Western view. They told the Polynesians that the Christian God was mightier than any of the old gods; he resided in Heaven but his power flowed over the entire world. As evidence (and understanding their audience) they demonstrated their military power. A polynesian would be convinced: these foreign visitors had near-godlike ability to build and to destroy; clearly their God must be as powerful as they say He is. A Christian could destroy a native god, and with that same power could destroy an entire native village with a handful of men, suggesting that the vanquished god's protection was indeed worthless against the might of the Christian God. A native could desecrate a crucifix, but yet the Christians would remain just as powerful; their claim that their God resided in the heavens seemed to stand to scrutiny.

(source: Asymmetric Evangelism - 

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Chennai’s Own Holocaust Deniers  
The destruction of Jain and Buddhist temples along with all of the buildings of the Kapaleeswarar Temple on the Mylapore beach

In November 2006 Pope Benedict XVI had categorically stated that St.Thomas never visited South India.

All eminent historians writing on colonial India describe the devastation of Mylapore and its environs by the Portuguese in the 16th century. The respected Mylapore archaeologist Dr. R. Nagaswami, who has worked on San Thome Cathedral with the Jesuits, tells of the destruction of Jain and Buddhist temples along with all of the buildings of the Kapaleeswarar Temple on the Mylapore beach. 

Before him the Portuguese historian Gaspar Correa describes a holocaust that extended from Mylapore to Big Mount, south of the Adyar River. Even the St. Thomas protagonist Archbishop Arulappa admitted that Hindu temples once stood on the sites now occupied by St. Thomas–related churches in Madras , at Mylapore, Saidapet, and Big Mount now called St. Thomas Mount.

But the true story about the annihilation of Mylapore, the ancient Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage town established long before the Christian era, is not to be told by today's self-appointed guardians of Chennai heritage. The truth is not overtly denied, it is simply not admitted, and is covertly replaced by a fabulous Christian tale about St. Thomas coming to Mylapore in 64 C.E. and getting himself killed eight years later on Big Mount. The tale turns the victims of a holocaust into the slayers of an important Christian saint, the doubting apostle of the Gospels, and–yes!–the twin brother of Jesus, no less. With this story to cover up the true story of Mylapore, Hindus can be made into “Christ killers” just like the Jews before them, and treated accordingly—damned and reviled by the Christian power then, the Portuguese, and damned and censored by the Christian power now, the Americans who, like the Portuguese, use Christianity to give them moral authority for their imperial expeditions, and as a means to gain influence and sympathy through converts in an India that they wish to dominate.    

Refer to The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple - and Victims of Christian Faith

The main champion of St. Thomas in Madras today, besides the Catholic Church who owns the shrines and collects the money, is the Sri Lanka-returned journalist and producer of picture books, S. Muthiah, who got his stripes sitting at the feet of the notorious Indian Express columnist Harry Miller, Muthiah's current patron is The Hindu, an obloquial communist rag that is known up and down Mount Road as “The Dinosaur” because it is big and old and dumb, and makes so much noise as it lumbers along through the capitalist swamps of secular, socialist India. Its editor is an ideological Neanderthal called N. Ram. His forte is “secularism” which, in today's political parlance, means he is anti-national and anti-Hindu. He believes that China is the great leader and assiduously follows the Chinese two-systems system in his newspaper–economic freedom and political oppression for all. His opinion columns are filled with gloom and doom, and the rest of the paper is given over to the celebration of consumer goods for the urban rich. One of the special items for sale on January 7th, 2004, was the tale of St. Thomas in an article called “The Mount of Thomas” by S. Muthiah.

(source: Chennai’s Own Holocaust Deniers - and The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple - Also refer to Catholic Priests Molest Third World Nuns to Avoid AIDS The Anti-Christ - Attempt at Critique of Christianity - By Friedrich Nietzsche [1895] Translated by Walter Kaufmann. For more refer to chapter on European Imperialism and Glimpses_XV and Christianity Dying In The West? - By M S N Menon - Refer to Fraudulent myth of the tomb of St Thomas - IV  and  The Swami Devananda Saraswati Interview with Rajeev Srinivasan - Refer to One of the ‘holiest’ subterranean alliances in the history of Christianity in India! -


Evangelisation and methods of blasphemous distortions

A Tamil weekly magazine has reported the following in its latest issue (dated 14th November 2008):


'On Friday 24 October, the devotees of the world famous 'Sri Kapalishwarar Temple' Mylapore, Chennai were literally shocked when they were given five booklets each containing defamatory write-ups about Hinduism, Vedas, Vedic heritage, Hindu Shastras, Hindu culture & tradition, Sabarimala Ayyappan and denigrating articles on Sage Thirumoolar, Nayanmars and others, by a bunch of mean-minded Christian evangelists just in front of the Temple entrance! For example, in the book titled 'Light in darkness', it is written that, the word 'Sadhaa' in the verse 'Sadhaa Shivaaya' means 'forever' and there is only one God, who blesses and takes care of this world forever, and he is 'Jesus' and the verse 'Sadhaa Shivaaya' denotes only him! All the five books are said to have contained more defamatory stories about Hindu Gods and Religious Gurus. Many people have called up this magazine and sent mails to it giving complete details about what happened in front of the temple that day'.  






Evangelization and methods of blasphemous distortions - Light in darkness and Sacred Ash? Or, The Cross? and Hindu hating atheist Tamilnadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi. He who waxed eloquent on the 'supposed' history of St.Thomas, despite having excellent knowledge on Thiruvalluvar and Thirukkural.


Refer to The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple - and Victims of Christian Faith


Incidentally, the Santhome Cathedral stands on the ruins of the original Kapalishvarar Temple , which was destroyed by the Portuguese invaders and now the evangelical invaders are trying to destroy the Hindu culture and religion in front of this reconstructed Kapalishvarar Temple .

This outrageous incident has brought out the following facts:


  • The evangelists have the temerity to distribute blasphemous literatures and conduct a hate-campaign against Hinduism, that too in front of a very famous historic temple.
  •  The minority appeasement policies of a 'minority' government, which openly said that it is committed to the welfare of minorities, and its anti-majority stand have emboldened these evangelists to indulge in this kind of illegal activity.
  • The policemen who have been posted near the temple for security (Mylapore temple is under terror threat) have turned a blind eye to this venomous act, probably due to fear motivation from the 'minority' government or money motivation from the evangelists. 
  • The Hindus have just exposed their 'dhimmitude' by remaining passive without acting against those evangelists. Sadly, not even one devotee has exhibited the courage to lodge a police complaint against them. The traders near the temple have not bothered to drive away those Christian rapscallions. Certainly the number of devotees must have easily outnumbered those evangelists and they must have caught them with their collars and taken them to the Mylapore police station. Instead of doing all this, some people have written to this particular weekly magazine.

Similarly, in Coimbatore , on 24 September, five staff of Chennai based ' East Coast Christian Matriculation School ' have been arrested by the police for distributing blasphemous literatures propagating Christianity and degrading Hindu Gods and engaging in evangelisation. The police action has been prompted by the complaint given by the local people belonging to BJP and Hindu Makkal Katchi, who caught those evangelists and took them to the nearby police station. Ironically those evangelists have asked the students (most of them are Hindus) to distribute those pamphlets and the innocent students have obeyed the order out of fear. This has been done while taking the students on an excursion (study tour) to Ooty. If this is the way study tours are conducted by a Christian School , one can imagine the standard of education imparted by it. 

In this context, it must be noted that in most of the schools run by the various Christian denominations, Hindu students (who obviously are more in number) are not allowed to sport 'Thilaks' on their forehead and girl students are not allowed to have flowers on their heads. Last year a boy was reprimanded and sent out by the management of a Christian school in Chennai city for having applied 'Mehendi' in his palms. His parents were made to run from pillar to post to reinstate him. In another school in Dindigul, some boys, who were 'fasting' for Sabarimala pilgrimage, were allowed to write their examinations only after having a haircut and removing their 'Tulasi Maalaas'. In certain schools 'Bible' is being taught and the Hindu students are forced to attend such classes. The parent community is also aware of these kinds of tortures undergone by their wards, but they prefer to keep quiet in the fear that their wards' education would be affected.

Recently in a Church in Kakkan Nagar, in the Ambedkar slum dwellings of Adambakkam, a Chennai suburb, the pastor, during morning prayers, had openly ridiculed the practice of Abishekams of Amman Deities saying that 'they are nude & naked worships performed with an erotic motive'. As the Pastor was addressing a group of 'converts', his blasphemous speech was heard by the slum dwellers through loud speakers. A Hindu woman, who was drawing drinking water from a nearby Municipal water-pump, got outraged by the blasphemous speech, threw out the water from her vessel and filled it with gutter from the nearby ditch and threw it inside the Church. Only then the Hindu men realised the seriousness of the issue and reportedly damaged the windowpanes of the Church. The Pastor lodged a police complaint and the police promptly booked those Hindus, who damaged the windowpanes, and the Pastor, who was the real culprit as per the law of the land, went Scot-free! 


These incidents may look like isolated due to the fact that the Hindus rarely exhibit courage to take on those evangelists, but these strategies adopted by the Church and missionaries are a regular phenomenon going on for years in the state. Mariamman and Aiyappan are two Deities, which attract millions of devotees, particularly the Scheduled Castes, as evidenced by the Sabarimala pilgrimage and Melmaruvaththur pilgrimage. Since the SCs are the targeted audience of the evangelists, the Churches come out with literatures, pamphlets and books denigrating Goddess Amman and Swami Aiyappan and ridiculing their worship.

An evangelist by name Dr Theivanayagam has founded an organisation by name 'Diravida Aanmeega Iyakkam' (Movement of Dravidian Spiritualism) to spread the concept of 'Thomas Christianity', in the name of 'Aadhi Christhuvam' (Early Christianity). Through this concept, he attempts to project Shivisim and Vishnavism as sub sects of Christianity. He wrote a book titled 'Vivliyam (Bible), Thirukkural, Saiva Siddantham - Oppu Ayvu' (Comparative Research) and published it in 1985-86 and has been steadfastly campaigning on this concept since then. Very recently, he convened 'Agila Ulaga Dravida Samaya Maanaadu' (International Dravidiyan Spiritual conference) under the aegis of Mylapore diocese, in which the following blasphemous distortions were projected as researched facts:


  • 'Aadhi Christhuvam' (Early Christianity) was promulgated and established in Tamilnadu by St.Thomas is the original religion of the Tamils.   
  •  The Aryan invaders distorted Thoams Christianity and conceived new concepts called Shivism and Vishnavism and hence they must be treated as the sub sects of Thomas Christianity.
  • The 'holy trinity' of 'Father-Son-Holy Spirit' is denoted by 'Shiva-Muruga-Shakthi' and the same is also denoted by 'Brahmma-Vishnu-Rudran'
  • The 'holy trinity' concept has beautified the Indian Religions. The 'Holy Spirit-Father' combination can be identified with 'Arthanarishvarar' and 'Sankaranarayanar' formations.
  • St.Thomas's teachings were abounding in Thirukkural and Sage Thiruvalluvar was a disciple of St.Thomas.  

All these things go to show that a sustained campaign has been going on for years and the momentum keeps on increasing with foreign aids and local support. The Dravidian political parties, which are bent on alienating the Tamils from the Hindu fold, have been aiding and abetting these anti-Hindu forces and this unholy nexus between them is creating havoc in the society. Though the Religious Gurus are deeply concerned about the speedy developments in this area of evangelisation and the alarming rate of conversion going on in the state, they feel helpless and fear the Dravidian rulers. So, the onus lies purely on political and social Hindu organisations to take legal actions against persons like Deivanayagam and their organisations for destroying the Hindu cultural heritage and Religious traditions posing a danger to communal harmony. 


Evangelism has gone beyond the limits of tolerance by abusing the constitutional provisions for freedom of religion and the general public must also be aware of their moral responsibility to act against those who indulge in blasphemy against their religion and the government machineries must also act as per the rule of law instead of dancing to the tunes of political masters.   

Many such blasphemous distortions were presented in the conference. Close on the heels of the conference the inauguration of the Rs.50 crore production of a movie on St.Thomas was also conducted. The Chief Guest of the inauguration was none other than the Tamilnadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi, who waxed eloquent on the 'supposed' history of St.Thomas, despite having excellent knowledge on Thiruvalluvar and Thirukkural.  Dr Deivanayagam has recently released a book titled 'Thiruneeraa, Siluvaiya?' (Sacred Ash? Or, The Cross?), in which, he has again brought out blasphemous distortions.  

A few examples are given below:    

  • The Hindu practice of applying 'sacred ash' on the forehead has actually started from 'Ash Wednesday' the first day of the 'Penance' (lent-days). The sacred ash comprises within it all the three stages of 'Death, Resurrection & Pardon due to the fact that the 'ash' cannot be destroyed, as how the resurrected body cannot be destroyed.
  • When Visnavism got separated from Shivism, the style of applying sacred ash was changed from horizontal pattern to vertical pattern.
  • Shiva is supposed to have given his left half to Shakthi. If that left half is worshipped as woman, it becomes Shivism and if the same is worshipped as man it becomes Vishnavism.
  • 'Thiruneetru Pathigam', a collection of Shivite Hymns sung by Sage Thirugnaana Sambandhar comprises a number of messages of Christianity.  
  • All Shivite literatures namely 'Thirumurai', 'Thevaram', 'Thiruvasagam' and 'Thirupathigam' do not talk about the four Vedas namely Rig, Yajur, Sama and Adharvana. Also, as they carry the messages of Christ the 'Bible' is the only 'Veda'

(source: Evangelisation and methods of blasphemous distortions - By B R Haran -

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