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Religion of Love?

The Meek are send to torture chambers?

Atrocities committed by the Christian Missionaries in Goa - (Gomantak)

Paul Williams Robert says in his book Empire of the Soul: Some Journeys in India. Some Journeys in India. pg 82-83:

   crossedswords.gif (2016 bytes) "In the wake of the warriors came the priests. First, the Franciscans, then the Jesuits, then the Dominicans, and lastly the Augustinians. It must have made their holy blood boil to find their old foes, the Muslims and Jews openly and brazenly practicing their religions. The men of God set about clearing what the Dominican termed this "jungle of unbelief" with the ardor of Amazon lumber barons. Just like the mullahs who had marched into Goa two hundred years before with the Bahamani sultans, these Catholic clergy were prepared to go to any lengths to spread their faiths. Initially they pestered the Portuguese king for special powers, then they pestered the Pope to pester the king on their behalf.

The first of these special powers arrived in 1540 when the viceroy received authority to "destroy all Hindu temples, not leaving a single one in any islands, and to confiscate the estates of these temples for the maintenance of the churches which are to be erected in their places. Five years later, the Italian cleric Father Nicolau Lancilotto reported that "not a single temple to be seen on the island."

The island in question was Teeswadi, the main field of operations for the two priestly orders then on the scene. A glance at the absurd profusion of churches standing cheek by jowl in Old Goa still conveys some idea of the spiritual excesses indulged in by these competing orders of the day.

This Olympiad of Christianization scared the hell out of the locals, and thousands of family fled across the river. To them, the harshness of the Moghuls still governing the adjacent territories must have been preferable to the rabid monomania of papist clerics. A saying still exist in Konkani, the language of Goa:

"Hanv polthandi vaitam"  ( I'm leaving for the other bank ), one half of its double meaning implying to this day that a person is rejecting Christianity.

Although their temples had been razed. The Hindus who remained continued to practice their religion in secret. More extreme methods were therefore instituted to bring the heathen into the
church's loving embrace. Hindu festivities were forbidden; Hindu priests were forbidden from entering Goa; makers of idols were severely punished; public jobs were given only to Christians.

Soon it was announced that anyone practicing in private was declared a crime. The penalty was confiscation of property. Also Hindus, dying without a male heir could pass their estates only to relative who had embraced Christianity.

Death was no easier than life for Hindus in mid-sixteenth-century Goa. To them, the cruelest piece of legislation passed by the Portuguese prohibited cremation of the dead - an inviolably sacred part of Hindu faith. As a result, death had to be kept a secret; the wailing grief of the women had to be smothered; family members had to go about their business as if nothing had happened; children were sent out to play, washing was done, work was performed - all as usual. In the dead of the night, a boat would be loaded with firewood down on the riverbank, then the dead body would be placed on it, covered by more wood. The pyre would be set alight and the boat pushed out to drift on the river's currents as the funeral party ran back into the safety of shadows. The missionaries simply could not grasp that another people's faith could be as dearly cherished as deeply embedded as their own. The missionaries obviously had no idea how resilient Hinduism could be, and indeed is. It had survived Islam's scimitar, and it would survive the sword that so much resembled the cross in whose service it was now employed. Total of 200 temples had been demolished.         

Andre Corsalli to Giuliano de Medici Jan 6, 1516:

ladyinveil.jpg (10909 bytes)" In a small island near this, called Divari, the Portuguese , in order to build the city, have destroyed an ancient temple ... which was built with marvelous art and with ancient figures wrought to the greatest perfection, in a certain black stone, some of which remain standing, ruined and shattered , because these Portuguese care nothing about them. If I can come by one of these shattered images, I will send it to your Lordship, that you may perceive how much in old times sculpture was esteemed in every part of the world."

To the non-Christians, there are many aspects of Christianity that are perplexing and, in some instances, downright bizarre. The Church decided the best way of resolving these problems would be to start a reign of terror to frighten the savages into submission. It set up a kind of tribunal. The palace in which these holy terrorists ensconced themselves  was locally known as the Vodlem gor - The Big House. It became the symbol of fear. Ceremonies were conducted behind closed doors. People in the street often heard screams of agony piercing the night. 

Here are some gruesome details:

"Children were flogged and slowly dismembered in front of their parents, whose eyelids had been sliced off to make sure they missed nothing. Extremities were amputated carefully, so that a person could remain conscious even when all that remained was torso and head. Male genitals were removed and burned in front of wives, breasts hacked off and vaginas penetrated by swords while husbands were forced to watch."

According to Sardar K. M. Panikkar: " The The Papacy took in hand the organization of the Holy Office to control missionary activities 123 years after Vasco da Gama's arrival in India. In 1534, Goa was made a bishopric with authority extending over the entire Far East. Special instructions were issued to the Portuguese to root out the infidels. Hindu temples in Goa were destroyed and their property distributed to religious orders (like the Franciscans) in 1540. The Inquisition was established in 1560. 

Intolerance of things Indian became henceforth the characteristic feature of missionary zeal in India. 

Any compromise with Hindu life or religion was avoided, e.g. the eating of beef was held to be necessary as it would put the convert altogether out of the pale of Hinduism." 

(source: Asia and Western Dominance - By K. M. Panikkar p. 281-282). Refer to The Myth of Saint Thomas and the Mylapore Shiva Temple. Refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram Goel. Refer to QuickTime trailer and Part One of the film The God Awful Truth.  

Refer to Columbus, The Indians, and Human Progress - By Howard Zinn .

Refer to World Conquering Creeds - By Dr. Koenraad Elst - chapter on Glimpses XVI



Procession to the Auto de Fe. At the head of the procession is the banner of the Holy Office, followed by the friars, prisoners. 

An auto da fe is literally a “judicial sentence or act of faith,” usually ending with the public burning of heretics.  In June of 1680, the largest auto da fe of the Spanish Inquisition took place. 


Autos de fe also took place in Mexico, Brazil and Peru: contemporary historians of the Conquistadors such as Bernal Díaz del Castillo record them. They also occurred in the Portuguese colony of Goa, India following the establishment of Inquisition there in 1562-1563. 


Mexico, Brazil and Peru would enjoy the delights of the auto-da-fé long after it lost its charm in Europe. Mexico witnessed its last auto-da-fé as late as 1850. Did wonders for the conversion of the natives.

(source: and


Celebration of the Auto de Fe in the church of St. Francis (Goa).

Refer to Things They Don't Tell you about Christianity.

Refer to Documentaries - The Holy Inquisition – History Channel and Secret Files of the Inquisition – PBS 

Watch video - Church's Inquisition -Torturing Those Who Disagreed (1 of 6)

Refer to Index of Forbidden Books and Mexican Inquisition


So notorious was the Inquisition in Portuguese India that word of its horrors even reached home. Such then is the history of Christian persecution in Goa. And yet the cruelest of these proselytizers from the past are supposed to be treated as 'Saints" by the very nation that was victimized by them! Stating the facts about the past tyranny of the Church in India, quickly becomes an "earth shattering" conspiracy by the "fascist" Hindu extremists. The signs of India's humiliation and oppression at the hands of her Christian aggressors is present everywhere in the nomenclature of innumerable roads, buildings and educational institutions named after the very criminals who sought to annihilate all traces of India's vast and ancient repertoire of advanced knowledge.

"The missionary brought with him an attitude of moral superiority and a belief in his own exclusive righteousness. The doctrine of the monopoly of truth and revelation, was alien to the Hindu and Buddhist mind. To them the claim of any sect that it alone possesses the truth and others shall be 'condemned' has always seemed unreasonable. In addition, the association of Christian missionary work with aggressive imperialism introduced political complications. Even in the days of unchallenged European political superiority no Asian people accepted the cultural superiority of the West." 

(source: Asia and Western Dominance - By K. M. Panikkar p. 296). Refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram Goel

To conclude, While the non-Europeans, in holy frenzy, slaughtered millions of Hindus and proselytized a large number in the then India from Baluchistan to Bengal and carried their accumulated treasures of centuries and the women population for sale, the European with their subtle and crafty ways just conquered the whole of India by sucking out more wealth than all their predecessors had done together by brute force.

Lamenting this bloodiest story in history, Will Durant in his book Our Oriental Heritage (pg 463) advises peace living people never to trust the barbarians again and be always prepared to pay the price of civilization.
"The bitter lesson that may be drawn from this tragedy is that eternal vigilance is the price of civilization. A nation must love peace, but keep its powder dry."    

(For more information on Goa Inquisition please visit Hindu Holocaust). Refer to Jesus Christ: Artifice for Aggression - By Sita Ram Goel and Refer to QuickTime trailer and Part One of the film The God Awful Truth.




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