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Return of the Aryans
By:  Bhagwan S.Gidwani
Publisher: Penguin Books India; Pages:994; ISBN 0-14-024053 –5
(Reviewed by: Prof. Jagjit Mirchand) 


Several eminent personalities including Swami Vivekanand, Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore  and  Shri Aurobindo  firmly believed that Aryans were homegrown, born and brought up in India.  Many chose to dismiss those views simply as irrational, inspirational or ultra-nationalistic. Yet, the archeological finds being uncovered presently, year after year, supported by continuing historical & scholarly research seem to prove that Swami Vivekanand, Rabindranath Tagore and  Shri Aurobindo,  and many learned personalities were correct to raise pointed questions against the Aryan Invasion Theory. 

The British, in presenting the Aryan Invasion Theory offered no proof. They did not need to. Hundreds of Indian historians rushed forward to earn their doctorates, promotions, patronage and government-aided jobs and positions for supporting the British theory of Aryan Invasion of India.  Their Proof?  Largely quoting those very hundreds of articles and books –and asking - how could so many learned books and serious articles by countless British and Indian historians be wrong! 

Some did murmur that the British-created Myth was aimed at proving to the Indians that they have always been ruled by foreigners, being incapable of ruling themselves and that it was always the foreign invader, like the Aryans (and in later times, other foreigners and finally, the British), who brought progress and enlightenment – and therefore never must Indians aspire for self-rule unless the intention is to bring back darkness, decadence and ruin on themselves. 

RETURN OF THE ARYANS’   presented in novel form, provides a fascinating story and updates much of the research from scholarly and historical sources, archeological records, oral traditions and memory songs to present facts and evidence to show the Aryan Invasion Theory is flawed. Moreover, it presents the drama of the birth and beginning of Hinduism  with elegance and beauty. 


Bhagwan S. Gidwani’s best-seller, "Return of the Aryans" presents drama of birth and beginnings of  the  roots of Hinduism (Sanatana-Dharma) prior to 8,000 BCE.  The book’s other main themes  are: 

1.         Aryans originated from India. They were born, grew up, and died as citizens of Bharat-Varsha, anchored in  timeless foundation of Sanatana-Dharma. 

2.         Theory of Aryan invasion of India from  West is false. 

3.         Equally false is  theory of  North-South Divide.   Ganga, Madhya,  Sindhu  and  Dravidian regions were equal partners of Bharat-Varsha (India). 

4.         A generation that remains unaware of its roots and heritage is truly orphaned. 


‘Return of the Aryans’ explains that Bharat-Varsha  territory  in 5,000 BCE  was  greater  than combined territory of India, Pakistan & Bangladesh, as additionally, it included Avagana (Afghanistan), parts of Iran upto  Lake-Namaskar;  Tibet;  Brahma-Lands (Burma); Sadhu-Newar-Lands (Nepal); Bhoota (Bhutan); and   Vraon-Land (Sri Lanka).  These lands joined Bharat-Varsha not by conquest but by free consent. 

Yet wars came and  Bharat-Varsha people proved themselves  great & gallant warriors.  To   conquered peoples, they extended  rights and freedoms of Sanatana-Dharma.  Theirs was  firm belief in  humane ideals of Sanatana-Dharma and concept of human rights. 


Gidwani approaches  Hinduism with deeply-felt respect. He  writes about  ideals that took shape in those early times, to become foundation of Sanatana-Dharma - and among those ideals were: recognition of spiritual nature of man  wherever he is from; acceptance of every culture as  expression of eternal values; and man's obligation to  protect environment, and all creatures, tame and wild. 

Thus the book speaks of beauty and universality of Hinduism; its respect for all faiths to assert  “Whatever god you choose, He is that God, and Dharma (Righteousness) is His Will” 

STORY OF ARYANS – Their origin and travel to far-distant Lands:

 The book presents a fascinating story  of the  birth & beginning of the roots of Hinduism  from 8,000 BCE.  Equally dramatic is its account of  Aryans originating in India,  their exploits and adventures in distant lands, including Iran, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Turkey, Russian-lands, Finland, Italy, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Lithuania,  Baltic-States and Germany; and finally their triumphal return to home-town and heritage of  India. 


The work  covers dramatic stories behind  origins of Om, Tat Tvam Asi (That-Art- Thou) Namaste, Gayatri-Mantra, Swastika and Soma Wines . It  tells how Sanskrit and Tamil developed - how they influenced world-languages;  it has tales of  battles and blood-shed, rise of Benaras, Hardwar and many cities; discovery and disappearance of Saraswati River and founding of Ganga,  Dravidian, Sindhu civilizations;  Besides, Gidwani sheds light on pre-history Hindu Parliament; development of ships & harbors; gold-mining; chariots; Yoga; mathematics; astronomy; medicine; surgery; music, dance, architecture; and material advancement of ancient India. 

The book explains how  Vedas were composed in 4000 BCE by poets of Bharat-Varsha, along  India’s rivers. 

'Return of the Aryans'  is certainly a great book, powerfully presented, with deep insights into  pre-ancient  history. The story,  though in novel-form, is not  mere fiction. It is based on enormous research and carries  stamp of scholarship and plausibility. 

It should  make  excellent TV Serial, based as it is on  theme of  national integration, national self-respect and national identity,  . Certainly,  the book  fulfills  long-felt need to keep alive awareness of  foundation and eternal values of  India's culture. Also it presents art, yoga, abstract thought, philosophical and spiritual leanings of pre-history India. Besides, it has suspense and drama,  moving  at red-hot speed,  with thrilling tales of Aryan adventures, courage, rashness, heroic thrusts and triumphs, in various far-away countries of Asia & Europe.  TV Serial  therefore  will have  world-wide appeal.



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